Review: Thack’s Angel: Midnight Rodeo #12 by BA Tortuga


It’s a great concept, a hell’s rodeo full of supernatural beings that tours like a regular rodeo around the US, only the bulls are really demons doing hell time for their bad deeds and the rodeo staff and bull riders are a very interesting mixture of supernatural beings of various species.

The books, 12 including this one, follow the members of the rodeo along a usually rocky path to romance as we also learn about their histories.

A found family of sorts each character is a reappearing member in every story. So it’s nice to continually reconnect with them book to book.

Thack is the demon is charge of the Darque and Knight supernatural rodeo. As we start the story , one central torment is the loss of his angelic mate years ago without a trace or explanation. Who unexpectedly now reappears out of nowhere.

Years lost, with no memory of who he is and where he belongs, Uri is drawn to the strange rodeo in the town he’s passing through. A rodeo who’s staff remember who he is and more importantly a rodeo that may change contain the being most centrist to regaining his past and his heart.

This is a strange, sexy, poignant second chance at love, lovers reunited story. A two person narrative that works perfectly to bring out the pain , anger, and pathos of years of lost love. Also the mystery and anguish of Uri’s journey back to his mate and found family is explored from many sides as the revelations come.

It helps to have read the other books to be familiar with the peripheral characters but not totally necessary as their dynamics are also somewhat laid out here.

I adored the Thack/Uri reunion and that of the fam but found that of the villain reveal a bit rushed. For me, it needed a little more foundation for it to have felt satisfying. Also fire demon/ice demon? Did I miss something there?

At any rate, that element kept me from rating it higher.

This is a terrific series and a fascinating concept. Love the characters and couples. Not familiar with it and them? Check it out! I’m recommending it!

Thack’s Angel (Midnight Rodeo, #12)

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Thack’s Angel #12

Synopsis:Demon Thackery has been running the actual rodeo show at the Midnight Rodeo since anyone can remember. He has a damn good life on earth: he loves his job, he has good friends, and he has a personal assistant who understands that a good horn rub has nothing to do with sex. Only one thing is missing. His angel Uri, who disappeared years ago without even a goodbye.

When Uri rides into the Midnight Rodeo on his Harley, he has the sense that he’s been there before. And when the regulars see him, they know that the proverbial stuff is about to hit the fan. Thack is going to lose it when he sees Uri. Except that Uri can’t remember anything about his past, and he has no idea why he left.

Uri knows one thing for sure when he sees Thack; that he big demon is his mate. Period. Even if someone wants to keep them apart, now that Uri is back, there will be no separating them. Or at least that’s the plan. Can they get Uri’s memory back and keep everything else together?

By Scattered Thoughts

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