Review: A Mage’s Guide to Human Familiars (R’iyah Family Archives #1) by A.J. Sherwood

Rating: 5 🌈

Awesome magical fun filled sexy ride!

Not every 5 star read has to be deeply complicated or filled to the brim with characters in need of therapy.

Nopes. Sometimes you’re gifted with a 5 star ticket joy ride of an adventure journey, full of snappy on point dialog, charismatic characters to die for and full out sexy magical fun.

Yeah I needed that so bad.

I want to see it filmed, I want it in a RPG, and I’m Garen btw. I just want this anyway I can have it. And it’s book one in a series with the first story wrapping up it’s own storyline while clearly setting up a potential mystery and danger to come.

For those of us who devour fantasy, supernatural, sci-fy, anything of a mysterious and suspenseful albeit magical nature, certain elements will be telegraphing the hell out of this to you.

Wonderfully so. Much like Wicky and Nico with their light sabers! It’s wicked fun. We sort of know where the bad guys might be coṃing from but who cares! Bring them on! Our guys got this!

Plus that triad of Bel & Nico & Garen? Hot, Hot, Hot! Even if you’re not into ménage or poly relationships or even age gap romances, Sherwood has managed to make this one absolutely realistic in terms of who these men are, who they have been to each other, and how their dynamics actually complete each other in every way.

All while Sherwood uses this remarkable romance and bonding to further the adventurous, magical and wildly anticipatory tale she’s crafting along with Bel’s team. That will include the amazing Chadwick “Wicky” Santos’s, Fire Mage and his partner, Zia Garzon, rounder mage.

Each mission Bel gets called on is used to explore his background, reveal more of his talents and emerging personality. We also get the same for everyone along as part of the temporary team by mission element going on at first.

As Nico and Garen come into Bel’s world and understand not only that they work well with other MAD operatives like Wicky and Matt, they are happy and belong. To Bel. As well as once again to each other.

There’s just so many fun beings (love Grandpa, just sayin’) to meet and plain hilarious outstanding stuff here. I just curled up , grabbed a bowl of popcorn, and happily read into the night, not stopping until the book was done.

There’s a satisfying ending that sets up our guys and team with , if you’re like me who has a sneaking suspicion or three, a bad guy on the horizon and a new fight on their hands.

I can’t wait. They got this. It will be so much fun. And Grandpa has to bring back the hellhounds, right?

My happy anticipation is high!

Yes! You in need of something to make you laugh? Smile? Shake your head at characters antics and revel in their joy… at kicking ass? Love spot on dialogue?

Pick up A Mage’s Guide to Human Familiars

(R’iyah Family Archives #1)

by A.J. Sherwood

Im highly recommending it.

Plus I’m with Wicky….

If “Just Fuck Me Up” isn’t a proper coffee order, then it absolutely should be, Don’t you all agree? › showWeb resultsA Mage’s Guide to Human Familiars by A.J. Sherwood – Goodreads


One mage, Bel Adams – needs a familiar, gun shy about being rejected by one again.

One familiar, Nico di Rossi – Army Ranger, needs a change of pace and a new purpose in life.

Plus one familiar, Garen Adan – Secret Service, needs his ex-lover Nico back.

One second chance – all for the taking.


Mages, BOGO familiar, familiars as bodyguards, familiar bond, M/M/M, second chances, workplace romance, fated mates, magical shenanigans, Garen is part gargoyle, Bel part demon, Nico is a golden retriever in human form (though not literally), idiots in love, seriously I don’t know what to do with them, Bel loves Garen just because he wants to love him, possessive behavior, not a single degree of chill from any of them, Nico is not allowed caffeine, Nico loves swords, Wicky is his supplier, lightsaber sounds, competency kink, Garen cannot be moved, he moves when he wants to, evil cults strangely don’t clean up after themselves, absolutely no one’s surprised, Nico thinks a magically booby-trapped cave is a theme park, cuz he cray cray, Demon Grandpa is also cray cray and approve.

R’iyah Family Archives Series:

◦ A Mage’s Guide to Human Familiars

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