Review: A Crown of Iron & Silver ((Soulbound #3) by Hailey Turner

Rating: 5🌈

With A Crown of Iron & Silver, author Hailey Turner continues our journey into the old gods and nigh forgotten pantheons around the world.

It’s an extremely fascinating and often terrifying ride, as these gods are, depending on who they are, turn out to be rage filled, scheming, desperate to hold onto their power and followers. And it’s a weird meshing of countries and Gods that I find I’m absolutely increasingly focused on. Aztec god brothers to ancient Celtic Gods to the more familiar ones of the Greek and Egyptian pantheons to those of Norse and Mexican origin. It’s just incredible the way each is brought vividly to life. And I’m only halfway through.

There’s also werecreatures, vampires, succubus, mages, witches, and of course the Fae.

The last figures largely here as the case that pulls Patrick and therefore Jono away from a quiet Christmas at home is that of a stolen human child and a changeling. The human child that was stolen belongs to a high ranking witch family and that means Patrick is involved.

There is no way to even begin to explain the complicated and many storylines that follow. One plot after another, layering over and through each other until it starts to resemble a painting where the artist has used so much paint that you’re not sure whether to stand back or move closer because you can’t see a subject anymore.

The relationship between Jono and Patrick is moving forward, gaining strength from the very traumatizing events of the last story. Jono’s status a alpha and godhead of his pack is spreading. As is Patrick’s role as co Leader.

As the gods raise their demands on Patrick’s soul and the Dominion Sect as well as Ethan, Patrick’s father continues their drive for godlike power, loyalty, love, and truth seems to be tested at every turn.

Turner does give us humor, usually via Wade, our teenage dragon fledgling. Ever eating, still recovering from the trauma of his abduction and brutal abuse at the hands of a now dead vampire, the safer he feels the younger he feels safer to be. He’s funny, adorable, and for a huge flaming being, very poignant at times. You just want to hug him then turn him loose in a grocery store….on someone else’s credit card of course.

What else surprised me? The great take on the Fae from the Court of the Queen of Air and Darkness. So very imaginative and yes, scary. Love it. I adore it when an author can see the Fae, brings that have been described so many ways in so many media, in a new aspect. Great job.

This story is full of great, relatable characters that you will care about! They have wonderful relationships and storylines within the main book and arc that it’s impossible not to be invested in them and their future.

At the end, we are set up for the next book and job the gods, different ones this time, want Patrick to set out on. That it runs along side one that he’s already pursuing? An occurrence that doesn’t surprise him or Jono.

Everything and everyone is moving closer to a collision.

This series just gets better and more addicting. I recommend them highly. Start at the beginning and work your way through.


New York City is decked out for the holidays, and Special Agent Patrick Collins is looking forward to a reunion with his old team when he gets assigned a new case. A human child is missing, and the changeling left in her place causes a prominent witch family to demand justice from the fae.

Meanwhile, continued harassment from the New York City god pack forces Jonothon de Vere to formally establish his own with Patrick. Doing so will mean a civil war within the werecreature community—a war they risk losing from the start without alliances. Making bargains with the fae is never wise, but Patrick and Jono have nothing to lose when a fae lord comes asking for their help.

The Summer Lady has been kidnapped from the Seelie Court, and if they can find her, Patrick and Jono will cement an alliance with the fae. But the clues to her disappearance are found in Tír na nÓg, and the Otherworld has never been kind to mortals.

Venturing past the veil, Patrick and Jono risk losing territory, time, and their very lives while searching for answers. Because the Queen of Air and Darkness knows they are coming—and the ruler of the Unseelie Court has an offer for them they can’t possibly refuse. › showA Crown of Iron & Silver (Soulbound, #3) by Hailey Turner – Goodreads

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✓ A Crown of Iron & Silver #3

◦ A Vigil in the Mourning #4

◦ On the Wings of War #5

◦ An Echo in the Sorrow #6

◦ A Veiled & Hallowed Eve #7

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