Review: Logan (Chosen Champions #1) by Macy Blake

Rating: 4.25 🌈

Once again I seem to have stumbled onto a new author and new series with quite a few established characters, and a solid fantasy foundation set in place by multiple series that were released prior to this one. It’s a prospect that’s full of potential for a long and happy reader relationship if I love what I find here.

Turns out I do.

Blake gives her readers the essentials of her world building here at the beginning. The magical seal, the now divided realms with the human realm now hosting, without humanities knowledge , a wide spectrum of supernatural beings caught unawares when the door home “slammed shut”as it were.

It’s how those are doing here and who’s monitoring them that’s the series. And the prior ones as far as I can tell.

Blake breaks down her different series into factions dealing with this huge closure between worlds. I’m still a little vague on the Chosen Champions thing and how they factor into the big picture. Maybe that’s coming.

Logan starts the beginning of the Chosen Champions. Each of the supernaturals who are already a secret police team are individuals that have made appearances elsewhere in other series.

Since I’m new to it all, I can say it doesn’t make a huge difference not to have read those stories prior to this one. It’s other parts of each man’s/beings past that will become a pivotal storyline in each novel.

For Logan, it’s his pack-less status, the history behind that, and his lack of mate. Those huge issues drive him emotionally, including denying his instincts as a Alpha to form a pack.

Macy Blake has a interesting group of supernaturals as Logan’s friends and team. From a dragon, a griffin, a vampire, a wolf from another family, and an enigmatic boss who’s only heard but never seen, it’s a tight knit grab bag of talents and history.

Bailey Cairn on the other hand is all human, a talented chef, exhausted student about to graduate with a business degree, loyal friend, and a bit insecure about himself.

Blake’s characters are well crafted, and relatable, whether they’re human or supernatural. Bailey comes with a small close group of college friends who’ve formed a found family amongst themselves with Bailey as the centering force. We soon find ourselves as familiar with this small human “family “ as we are with Logan’s team.

A linked series of horrific attacks pull both groups together.

A two person pov format works very well , especially in a story with a suspense element. Blake gives each character plenty of narrative time to explore their personality, history, and current situation before moving to the other person. It moves between them as needed while remaining balanced.

Blake does tackle the damage past trauma inflicts on a person and the continuing pain it carries. I appreciate that’s an element the author carries from one story to the next. These men understand how attacks this brutal traumatize people and bring up therapy to try to heal the pain within.

There’s humor to allay the suspense, sexy heat to go along with high action. Logan is an exciting, fast-paced supernatural romance. I enjoyed it immensely.

Moving now to Gideon! That’s the sexy vampire in Logan’s pack….

I’m thrilled to find a new series and author! I’m recommending both

Chosen Champions series:

✓ Logan #1

◦ Gideon #2

◦ Aleron #3 – coming March 22, 2022 › showLogan (Chosen Champions #1) by Macy Blake – Goodreads


Logan Moore is a leader without a pack…

And after the rejection he faced from his last pack, he’s not sure he wants one. But when a mysterious benefactor he nicknames The Oracle offers Logan the chance to use his military expertise to lead a group of misfit shifters to protect the creatures of the magical realm, Logan’s wolf won’t allow him to say no.

Bailey Cairn is a man without a protector…

And for the entirety of his very human life, he hasn’t needed one. But when his friend is attacked at a bar, sweet, caretaker Bailey is drawn into a world he hadn’t known existed. A world full of secrets, and magic. A world full of danger… and gorgeous, protective Logan.

But if Bailey and Logan want to break the chains of the past, they’ll have to learn to trust each other and themselves, and start to believe in things that are bigger than they are…

That magic exists.

That packs are about more than blood ties.

That sometimes true love is a matter of fate.

And that heroes aren’t made…they’re Chosen.

By Scattered Thoughts

At over 50, I am ruled by my terriers, my gardens, and my projects. A knack for grubbing about in the woods, making mud pies, and tending to the injured worms, bugs, and occasional bird and turtle growing up eventually led me to working for the Parks. I was a park Naturalist for over 20 years, and observing Nature and her cycles still occupy my hours. From the arrival of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in the Spring to the first call of the Snow Geese heading south in the Fall, I am entranced by the seasons. For more about me see my bio on my blog.

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