Review: Stop Kidding Around (Magical Mates #2) by Macy Blake

Rating: 4.5 🌈

Stop Kidding Around is the second book in Macy Blake’s Magical Mates series and it’s another winner. It gives us plenty of drama and action while still managing to remain focused on a developing small family group , formed by a human teacher and three wolf shifters, two of which are adorable children.

Toby Sanders, the teacher, is such an amazing new character. He’s one of the two povs the story is told from and his is the most refreshing and hilarious. As a human with no idea the supernatural world exists, Toby’s introduction is abrupt and his reaction is everything!

Can we relate? Why yes we can!

For me, Toby’s perspective and character just makes this book. Macy has written a honest, personable, highly intelligent man who’s still hesitant to believe in love for himself. I absolutely Toby. He’s so relatable.

Watching him communicate and open up himself to others and being a part of a family and pack? Incredible.

Brook , the wolf shifter who patiently talks with Toby, communicating the new world around him, and their mate bond? Just as amazing and beautiful.

So too the little girls/wolf shifters, Marigold and Daisy.

There’s other important characters in play here. Most have been referred to or have had huge parts to play in other stories, their own or others in The Chosen universe. Some like the orphan Jeremy , a big element here, might have an interesting future ahead. Just another reason I’m loving this series.

The only issue I had here is that with all the many storylines at work, when it came time to pull them all together, some felt a bit rushed. I felt as though I was missing some of the pieces of the puzzle for a few of the mystery segments at the end. The explanation didn’t seem to cover everything that occurred.

However, the romance, the mate bond, the communication ( a huge thing with me) the children, it made it just plain magical. Love this couple and children.

Magical Mates is a great addition to The Chosen universe and I hope it continues.

I’m recommending both stories written so far! Red them in the order they were written.

Magical Mates:

✓ All Kidding Aside #1

✓ Stop Kidding Around #2 › showStop Kidding Around (Magical Mates #2) by Macy Blake – Goodreads


His so-called mate thinks it’s fate. Toby has other ideas.

When Toby Sanders shows up to interview for a teaching job at a mysterious estate, he’s not expecting his world to flip upside down and backward.

Shifters are real… and the hottest, most protective wolf of all is claiming him as a mate.

Toby can’t deny that Brooks is everything he ever wanted and never thought he could have–loving, strong, drop-dead gorgeous–or that the two little girls Brooks wants to adopt give Toby a glimpse of the family he’s always dreamed of…
But how the heck is he supposed to believe in this mating magic stuff when life has taught him that the only person he can count on is himself?

As dangers from multiple sources threaten everything he’s come to care about, Toby learns that being part of a pack isn’t just about accepting his fate, it’s about choice: choosing to trust Brooks, choosing to believe in himself, and choosing to fight for the life and love he deserves, even if he has to cross the entire fae realm to do it.

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