Review: Mr. Perfect (Sinister in Savannah #2) by Aimee Nicole Walker

Rating: 5🌈

I wasn’t aware when I started the Sinister in Savannah series that each novel would feature one of the three men and close friends who run the podcast of the same title as this series.

All three books have Savannah as their atmospheric and historic heart. The series also has the formidable and magnificent Miss Marla as its heart, for the men and the community.

After that first book belongs to Jonas St John and his romance with Avery, along with an outstanding murder mystery.

The reverberations from that case carries over into Mr Perfect and Felix Franklin. Felix, an Investigative reporter, is and has been, due to their past history, at fierce odds with news anchor, Jude Arrow.

Another case brings Felix and the Sinister in Savannah team investigating local businesses, including one that brings Felix back into association with Jude.

Walker always points a microscopic lens towards whatever major character is involved in the story, peeling back layers to reveal the heart of the person beneath the facade or walls they’ve established. For Felix , it’s getting to see the damage done growing up extremely destitute with an unstable mother dealing with issues of addiction. A target for bullying, it left him , with no friends or idea of a home life. How he grew into the man he became is told over as their shared history is remembered.

The complicated mysteries, yes more than one, Felix and Jude’s emotionally fraught reunion, … it’s all folded into a tapestry of warm community stories, the main one being Miss Marla.

We are always aware that the clock is ticking down for that glorious person and every time Miss Marla is with us on the page is something to be savored.

That’s how real everyone feels here.

Aimee Nicole Walker doesn’t paint her narratives in black and white but in tones of greys and washes of color throughout the spectrum of the rainbow. It takes into account both life’s fragility and strengths, where people fail and where they struggle to pick themselves back up again.

There’s another connecting series to this so once finished here I’m onto that one.

But I’m not done here yet and neither is the author.

What a wonderful thing.

I’m highly recommending Mr. Perfect and Sinister in Savannah.

Read them in the order they are written.

Sinister in Savannah series:

✓ Ride the Lightning #1

✓ Mr. Perfect #2

◦ Pretty Poison #3 › showMr. Perfect (Sinister in Savannah, #2) by Aimee Nicole Walker – Goodreads


Word-slinger. Purveyor of truth. Jaded heart.

By day, Felix Franklin is an investigative journalist. By night, he produces Sinister in Savannah, an investigative podcast, with his two best friends. Felix’s life revolves around three principles: fortune favors the bold, honesty is everything, and love is for schmucks.

The podcast is back to investigate allegations that a local businessman is dabbling in money laundering. On the surface, everything about Cameron Spencer, aka The Auto King, appears to be perfect. The trio of trouble quickly learns all that glitters is not gold. Seeking the truth will challenge Felix’s convictions and put his life in grave danger. The biggest threat to his well-being isn’t an unknown villain; it’s the reappearance of his first and only love.

Jude Arrow had it all: great looks, charming personality, and a lucrative career as Atlanta’s hottest news anchor. So, why had he recently relocated to Savannah? When the two reporters are forced to work together, Felix will get a chance to ask him. The answer will stun Felix until he remembers not to believe anything that comes out of the heartbreaker’s pretty mouth.

Love and hate are two sides of the same coin and just as conflicting as the battle of wills that ensues. Will the chip on Felix’s shoulder save him from trusting Mr. Wrong or ruin his chances with Mr. Perfect?

Sinister in Savannah series is a fictional podcast exploring the city’s most nefarious crimes with Southern-fried snark. The books explore friendship, love, loss, and the irrepressible human spirit. Mr. Perfect is book two of three. While each book is written about a different couple, the series should be read in order due to continuing storylines. Sinister in Savannah is an LGBT romantic suspense series with mature language and sexual content intended for adults eighteen and older.

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