Review: The Paladin’s Shadow (Radience #2) by Tavia Lark

Rating: 4🌈

Both main characters in The Paladin’s Shadow are people we’ve read about before. One, Ronan the thief, although a very minor character as far as part of the book’s plot, was actually someone who was pivotal in launching the events that started Arthur off on his journey in The Necromancer’s Light.

We find out more about Ronan and Arthur’s past relationship here, from Ronan perspective and that clears everything up.

For our thief is anything but what we’ve been lead to believe he is. Here we learn he’s actually a part of a small group of individuals, all from different countries all worship a different one of the 6 gods. The Locksmiths as the group calls themselves have one goal and Ronan has been leading them towards it one theft at a time.

Karis too had a few mentions in that first book but here get his time to shine, literally. As a member of the Radient order and secretly, the one person who actually hears the voice of his God Vara, he’s not happy with the mixed messages he’s been getting lately. His church says one thing but his God says another…

Tavia Lark second book in the Radience series has a quick to love romance, a very likable couple and interesting group of characters in the Locksmiths. Lark’s plot is creative and I’d loved more time unraveling it’s effects upon the trapped Gods and them once released.

Maybe that’s coming in book three.

I enjoyed Karis and Ronan’s journey and it appears to be joined with our first couple in some way now if I read that ending correctly. Sounds like fun.

Anyway I’m onto the next and recommending this to lovers of fantasy.

Radiance series:

✓ The Necromancer’s Light #1

✓ The Paladin’s Shadow #2

◦ The Sword-Witch’s Heart #3 – to be released Feb 23 › showThe Paladin’s Shadow (Radiance #2) by Tavia Lark – Goodreads


His secret could kill him.

Karis is the arrogant young prodigy of the Radiant Order, and his talent gets him plenty of attention but very few friends. Under the order’s prying eyes, there’s one secret Karis has to hide at all costs: the meddling, un-paladin-like voice in his head. Sometimes the voice is helpful. Sometimes it gets him into trouble.

This time, trouble’s name is Ronan.

Ronan does the dirty work. Anything for the trickster god he serves, no matter how tired he’s getting. He’s so used to deception, he wouldn’t recognize real love if it bit him. When he’s captured by the Radiant Order, he doesn’t think twice before kidnapping a cute little squire to cover his escape.

His new hostage is a lot more complicated than he expected.

Between escape attempts and counterspells, Karis keeps getting under Ronan’s skin, and Ronan keeps getting inside Karis’s head. And the longer they stay together, Karis starts thinking less about escaping, and more about how Ronan might taste.

But the conspiracy they’re tangled in is far deadlier than they know.

The Paladin’s Shadow is a gay fantasy romance, with enemies to lovers, hurt/comfort, and Very Inconvenient divine intervention. Book Two in the Radiance series; events from The Necromancer’s Light are referenced, but the romance arc can stand alone. 65,000 words, HEA guaranteed.

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