Review: A Gilded Iron Blade ( San Amara Investigations #3) by Kai Butler

Rating: 4.75🌈

A Gilded Iron Blade is a gripping story where you absolutely must have read all the preceding books in the series. There’s just no way Kai Butler can bring a new reader up to date within this ever expanding, utterly complicated universe and series arc in a story and still carry out their vision for the book.

I’m a total fan of this series and sometimes it’s a task, albeit a very happy one, for me to remember all the various characters, the politics (on Earth and in the other Realms), the amazingly labyrinthine character histories and relationship dynamics. Plus , thanks to a author with a flexible and imaginative mind, each story is a dramatic and emotionally exciting journey to a higher new stage of development for everyone involved.

It’s normally a more frightening one as well.

In A Gilded Iron Blade, Parker Ferro, has assumed , unwillingly, the all important title and role of the Windrose, high judge and arbitrator for the Other Realms, one’s that now include the Dark one. As well as the one tasked with making sure nothing happens to new The World Tree which is still reestablishing itself with its portals and enemies.

Parker Ferro is one of the most intriguing characters I’ve read. His history is tortured and still much as mystery to himself and others. His dysfunctional childhood impacts all his relationships and decisions, often for the worst. And yet just when you may want to throttle him (Butler’s characters feel totally alive that you believe in them), then he sees in something or someone a greater pain , or makes a step forward in his growth that shows such utter emotional depth you’ve confounded and committed even greater to his journey. Wherever that’s taking him, you, and those around him.

And it’s quite a group of found family he’s gathering up there as well. Not just his conflicted Detective boyfriend, Nick, an alchemist who’s family has a way of negatively impacting their lives as well as Nick’s career.

A Gilded Iron Blade follows the events from the battle for the World Tree , new and old enemies, new storylines and characters.

Layers upon layers. No things aren’t getting any easier for anyone. In fact, there’s a character death here. It’s logical but it’s not any less devastating.

Kai Butler is ramping up the excitement, the suspense, and the heart stopping events as new mysteries are just about to appear.

This was an awesome, wildly entertaining, imaginative, and gripping story. It was emotional and I was invested in Parker’s growth, as well as his many relationships with Nick, and his family.

I can’t wait for the next book to be released.

Until then, I’m highly recommending this series and story. Read them in the order they are written to understand the events and characters histories and relationships.

San Amara Investigations Series:

◦ A Haunting at Midnight #0.5

◦ A Debt Unpaid #0.75

✓ Wormwood Summer #1

✓ A Belated Burial #1.5

✓ The Oak Wood Throne #2

✓ A Gilded Iron Blade #3

◦ A Shattered Silver Crown #4 › showA Gilded Iron Blade (San Amaro Investigations #3) by Kai Butler – Goodreads


Saving the city was supposed to be the hard part…

Parker Ferro can’t catch a break. After saving San Amaro from destruction for the second time and reconciling with his boyfriend, his current plans are to relax on his couch until his ears stop ringing.

Unfortunately, the thousand realms he just saved have a way of yanking him back into service and the dead have come back to haunt him. When he’s called in by the SAPD to consult on the murder of an anti-paranormals protestor killed with fae magic, Parker is caught up in an intricate political web that was spun long before he was ever born.

Now Parker has to unravel the mystery behind the murder and untangle old family secrets before irreversible damage is done to his new friends and alliances. At least this time, he’ll hopefully have some help…

A Gilded Iron Blade is a 100k MM urban fantasy with a HFN and an ongoing storyline.

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