Review: How to Steal a Thief (Unholy Trifecta #2) by A.J. Sherwood

Rating: 4.5 🌈

How to Steal a Thief switches the spotlight to the thief of our found family, now that our assassin has his HEA, that’s Carter aka Smiley the merc, and daughter Remi happily in hand.

It’s now time for Ivan Azarov, aka Eidolon which means specter or phantom, a perfect code name for a expert thief. He’s on the hunt for a one of the rarest items known, the yellow 1855 Swedish Stamp, The Treskilling Yellow. Worth approximately $3 million.

Ivan’s a big exuberant man. Easily bored, highly intelligent, bisexual, though he tends more towards men, and he’s one to rush first, plan later. Although it’s does seem to work out for him. His background? That’s been missing until now.

Unlike Ari and Carter who were both within the same “working community “, here Sherwood pairs the Russian thief with someone on the outside, a physician trying to complete his residency. In other words, a naive soul.

That’s Aiden Stalworth. He’s actually a victim here. And that infuriates Ivan, especially as Aiden’s awful abusive family is so reminiscent of his own.

While their romance comes together relatively fast, they feel so compatible on the page that as a reader I got it and was invested in their relationship.

I wish Sherwood had explored a little more of Aiden’s relationship with his Grandmother, especially the fact that he kept from her that he was gay. Only afterwards, and until he’s in a relationship with Ivan, does he feel comfortable saying those words.

So Aiden’s coming out, here emotionally, growing… in so many ways. A fact he mentions as well.

He’s also being folded into the found family too.

Other aspects of the story include Ivan’s doubts about pulling Aiden into his world, a critical element which will come up again and again. These people are, after all, criminals.

Plus there’s the terrific mystery of where that Treskilling Yellow stamp is hidden! Plus you get more of Trixie, a secondary character I adore.

Not being a stamp collector, I had to look up the Swedish Treskilling. Yes it actually exists and yes, it’s one of the world’s rarest of items. I love that Sherwood uses it here.

At the end, Eidolon has his HEA and new love. What’s Aiden’s code name?

Find out in the next story.

It’s a great time and all things are tied up , and happily Evers are made for everyone!

This is another wonderfully written, fast paced, humorous romance. Love it and recommend it.

Unholy Trifecta series:

✓ How to Shield an Assassin #1

✓ How To Steal a Thief #2

✓ How to Hack a Hacker #3

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Since when is playing Robin Hood part of the plan?

Pop into the unguarded apartment, find the multi-million dollar Treskilling stamp, pop back out. That’s it, that’s the entirety of Ivan’s plan.

What’s not part of the plan?

• Meeting the cute Aiden Stalworth

• Feeling guilty about trying to steal from the cute Aiden Stalworth

• Becoming Aiden’s “Robin Hood” and buying him all the things

• Playing bodyguard while searching for the stamp

• Being trusted completely by Aiden

Ivan very quickly realizes he needs a new plan:

• Seduce Aiden

• Protect him

• Find the stamp

Oh, and lick him. Licking Aiden needs to be part of the plan too. However, Ivan’s not sure how having his heart get stolen made it onto his list.


Aiden does not appreciate being in peril, but Ivan likes protecting him, band of brothers, bisexual character, family of choice, experienced/inexperienced couple, strangest meetcute you’ve ever seen, don’t try and apply logic to this okay, just enjoy it, heist, Kyou is so done, Ivan is a walking disaster, crush at first sight, Ivan is one scary MoFo, be glad he’s on our side, assassinations as romantic gestures, stealing therapy, emotional growth, combat ballet, Carter and Ari are good wingmen, Ivan continues licking everything, including things he really shouldn’t, Remi’s the only sane one to be honest, no bedsheets were harmed in the making of this book, degrees of morality, healer acquired—quests can now be taken

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