Review: How to Hack a Hacker (Unholy Trifecta #3) by A.J. Sherwood

Rating: 4.5🌈

How to Hack a Hacker , the story where K, aka Kyou, is finally forced into getting his happily ever after.

It’s also the series finale and an excellent one.

Kyou has been somewhat of an enigmatic character. Now his background is exposed, the reasons for his cyber stalking of Brannigan revealed here. The story behind the cyber stalking is as complicated as Kyou. And it takes time to unfold.

Brannigan Genovese, aka the one Kyou has cyber stalked for 12 years, although his friends only know about 6 of them. Bran’s a real estate developer with an uncanny ability to fall into deep trouble at the drop of a hat. And it’s Kyou who’s gotten him out of it, whether Bran’s known it or not.

Brannigan has also been trying to find the person who’s been watching and assisting him online all these years but has always failed.

Only his current crisis brings everyone together.

Yes, the family is all here. Ari, Carter, and Remi. Ivan and Aiden. Even Trixie. All are center stage to support Kyou as he jumps into Bran’s crisis with the Irish Mob. It takes all of them as a family to pull Bran in and pull him out of danger. It’s an exciting and fun filled ride.

This is actually a two part story. Just when one wraps up, a second begins. The last stage brings around an unfinished element that I was very happy to see here. The author was tying up all the loose storylines and making sure that when everyone got their HEA, it’s going to stay that way.

There’s a marriage, a proposal, and a very solid found family thinking about more additions. Such a warm and happy feeling to end the series on.

Sherwood has another marvelous story here and terrific series for me to recommend.

I adore everyone and each couple and family. That includes Remi, naturally.

Unholy Trifecta series:

✓ How to Shield an Assassin #1

✓ How To Steal a Thief #2

✓ How to Hack a Hacker #3


Staying away is Kyou’s number one rule when it comes to protecting the sexy real-estate developer.

Kyou has a routine. A system. He guards Brannigan Genovese, hacks for his family of choice, and drinks far too much caffeine for any living being. Only a few things can completely disrupt his routine to cause him trouble:

• Brannigan buying up real estate from the Irish Mob

• Kyou’s band of brothers figuring out who Brannigan actually is

• Ivan

• Feelings for one Brannigan Genovese

Oddly enough, it’s the feelings that get Kyou in the most trouble. Because when Brannigan is in danger, Kyou ignores all his brain’s protestations and breaks every rule he has to save the man, including his number one.  

And damn the consequences.


It’s not stalking (totally stalking), sleep is for the weak, coffee IS food, running-from-the-mob meet cute, Brannigan does stupid stuff to make Kyou call him, Kyou is utterly done, pansexual character, band of brothers, anxiety, family of choice, emotional growth, so simple a ten-year-old can do it, no really it’s not that hard, Kyou peopled last week, meddling, so much meddling, Irish Mobsters were hurt in the making of this book, Ivan’s actually serious for once, yes the world almost ended

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