Review: Style for Love (Gay 4 Renovations #1) by A.J. Sherwood

Rating: 4.5 🌈

Style for Love is A.J. Sherwood’s terrific first book in her new series, Gay 4 Renovations. Located in small town (real place) Plymouth, Michigan, with its Victorians, Tudors, Craftsmen, and other equally charming houses in need of renovating by their owners, the queer business owners , all friends, have their business lives full while seeking their HEA.

There’s Gage, architect and structural engineer. Cohen, their contractor. Riggs, the ultimate in CEO office manager’s and Asher.

First up is Asher, Interior designer of Gay 4 Renovations. Asher, has a toxic family that’s not accepting of his sexuality and a found family that includes everyone at his business as well as Zar, the childhood best friend, a police officer, who’s always been his biggest supporter and protector.

Both Asher and Zar have never had relationships that have worked out, each other’s friendship is their only long commitment they’ve been able to have.

Sherwood’s Style for Love is a wonderful best friends to lovers, contemporary romance. One where the entire town knows what they’ve been oblivious to for years…they were made for each other.

It’s also a sexual awakening story for Zar who, because of unexpected circumstances, becomes aware of his best friend in a way that’s surprising. This is handled in a great and touching manner. I mean Zar, his sister Adah, and Gage, talking through his thoughts and feelings on the revelations that had come about.

Sherwood doesn’t forget about the impact on Asher that this change would bring. The communication and support from his circle of friends that allows Asher to work through his issues is just one more lovely aspect of this story.

I happen to adore Thai and Korean BL stories and happily so do the characters here! Whether it’s Asher and Riggs, or Ami and Shaunice ( two more people who work at Gay 4 Renovations) fan girling over certain actors or storylines in well known BL series, I was there with them! And wanting to add my suggestions as well!

I also lost my heart to BFG , the mastiff mix. I adore him so much. You had me at giant dog! Yes, you did!

There’s a toxic family element. They are frustrating because they seem so realistic in their own phobic behavior and attitudes. It’s painful and sad.

The town itself is real. Yes, I looked it up. It’s seems as cute and lovely as Sherwood makes it out to be. Then I remember Michigan. Cold , and oh no. My desire to move is gone. I’m just going to visit in these stories.

But ,I do have a smidge of a issue here. While this has been labeled a GFY (a term I always have issues with) , Zar is open to all aspects of sexuality. He examines their relationship and realizes they’ve never been in a friendship that’s conforms to the norm for just best friends, and he’s never been exactly straight. What label isn’t clear nor should it matter. He’s never been straight. Whether it’s Pansexual or something else.

That’s not a gay for you. Sry , small peevish moment over.

Style for Love is a romance I absolutely adore. It’s the characters, the setting, the storylines, and the wonderful ending. I really sank into this universe. I expect you will do the same.

Now I need the next in the series. That’s Structure for Love. Hmmm, who could that be?

I’m highly recommending this ! Happy reading!

Gay 4 Renovations series to date:

✓ Style for Love #1

◦ Structure for Love #2 – coming soon › showStyle of Love (Gay 4 Renovations, #1) by A.J. Sherwood – Goodreads


Asher’s dream job: Interior design – check.

His dream boyfriend: Park Bo Gum – not check. Sadly.

Straight as a board, childhood bff Zar: check

Zar becoming his boyfriend: che–wait, what?!


Oh look a contemporary romance, GFY, Best friends to lovers, Dumbasses to lovers, not so much slowburn as two idiots standing around on fire, emotional baggage check, HGTV meets BL, family of choice, Asher needs a better family, Zar’s will adopt him, healthy choice making (and some impulsive ones), no angst here only cuddles, best friends giving The Talk, yes that one, Gage hates -coughlovescough- them, tropey tropes a lot, yaoi fangirls as co-workers leads to interesting situations, and sexy photoshoots, best supporting character goes to the dog, small town, Asher and Zar are so obvious there is a bet riding on them, Zar uses handcuffs for not sexy reasons, at least the first time, only one sledgehammer was sacrificed in the making of this book

Trigger warning:

Toxic family members

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