Review: An Affair for Aumont (The Lords of Bucknall Club, #5) by J.A. Rock and Lisa Henry

Rating: 5 🌈

An Affair for Aumont is my absolute favorite of this fantastic series, The Lords of Bucknall Club, by J.A. Rock and Lisa Henry. If I didn’t already know there was another book in the series with an expected release date, I would have thought this was an incredible series finale. That’s because all the characters from the previous books appear in their now harmonious couple form to indulge in some hilarious hijinks, be included in the huge investigation (yes, everyone), and end up still wandering or strolling in at the ending.

Even my fabulous, now happily married twits, Rivington and Notley, the incomparables of the Season, bring their sheep, Euphemia, who eats the scenery. Pun intended. Hilarious. I adore those two lovers.

Rock and Henry leave nothing out of this book. Besotted pig farmers (I adored Mr. Foster), button art, a sexy swim in the old pond, but they never once take their attention away from the heart of the story.

That’s the broken Aument, former French spy , and George Darling, the Runner, who’s reluctantly fallen in love with him. Aument is a tremendous character, and one we’ve slowly had knowledge of through other stories.

It was Soulden’s brother, Luke, who Aument loved and refused to marry, preferring to return to France to fight, a act that has disastrous consequences for Luke and his family. Aument has never forgiven himself and neither has Soulden who once regarded him as a brother.

This story is about Aument’s redemption and forgiveness as much as it is about the mystery of who’s stalking the very beautiful and kind Teddy Honeyfield. That’s a task that Lord Christmas Gale has asked them to take on at the beginning of the book. Insure Teddy’s safety and find out who’s threatening him.

A not so easy investigation! It takes everyone we’ve come to know to get the culprits and Teddy safe. As well as tie up one more pesky loose end.

While there’s humor and charm a plenty to be had amongst the scintillating dialogue and extremely well written storylines, Rock and Henry include gritty elements such as Aument’s withdrawal from alcoholism as well as his own self inflicted guilt over Luke’s choices.

The authors manage to weave a rawness into a Regency romance and relationship that’s also full of humor, intellectual philosophy, and love . It’s absolutely magnificent.

There’s another to be released in July , about a character that always floated about the very edges of this group. That’s Stratford, he of the horses that’s always about to be bought or talked about.

Honestly, the bar set by An Affair for Aumont is so very high I can’t see how that’s going to top it. But I’m certainly going to see how Stratford plays into this amazing group and uniquely talented characters.

I’m highly recommending An Affair for Aumont and this series but read them in order for the sheer joy of the couples relationships and series development.

Series – ThLords of Bucknall Club

✓ A Husband for Hartwell #1

✓ A Case for Christmas #2

✓ A Rival for Rivingdon #3

✓ A Sanctuary for Soulden #4.

✓ A Affair for Aument #5

◦ A Scandal for Stratford #6 – July 5, 2022 › showAn Affair for Aumont by J.A. Rock – Goodreads


All he wants is the love he lost.

Four years ago, Louis-Charles Aumont, the Marquis de Montespan, chose duty over the man he loved. And then the man he loved chose death in service to England. Now, after finally cutting ties with his king, Aumont is living in a slum in Seven Dials–and intending to die there too. But when Bow Street Runner George Darling shows up at his door with a strange proposition, Aumont is intrigued by the prospect of something–anything–that might make him feel alive again. Or at least provide the funds he needs to drink himself to death.

All he wants is the love he couldn’t have.

George Darling joined the Bow Street officers out of a belief in order. He accepts no bribes, indulges in no vices, and tries very hard not to dream above his station. If only Lord Christmas Gale hadn’t put that last one to such a test. Now that turning his thoughts from Lord Christmas only lands them instead on the handsome Frenchman with whom he recently crossed paths, Darling is more determined than ever to keep his head down and focus on his duty–until a knock on his door sends his life into disarray.

Teddy Honeyfield, a former companion of Lord Christmas’s, is in need of a temporary bodyguard. Darling would never pass as the sort of gentleman Teddy requires…but he knows someone who might.

Neither wants to take a chance on a love that can never be.

When Aumont and Darling join forces to help Teddy, they’re not expecting to risk their hearts as well as their lives. Darling’s striking looks remind Aumont quite painfully of the man he’s lost, and Aumont’s title reminds Darling he has no right to desire a nobleman. But the rising threat soon drives them to flee with Teddy to the country–a journey that puts them face-to-face with their pasts while showing them a chance for happiness is within reach, if only they’re courageous enough to grab it.

An Affair for Aumont is the fifth book in The Lords of Bucknall Club series, where the Regency meets m/m romance. The Lords of Bucknall Club books can be read as standalones but are best enjoyed in order.

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