Review: Purrfect Harmony (Blackhaven Manor #1) by Arden Steele

Rating: 4🌈

Somehow I missed both this author and her supernatural romance series , Blackhaven Manor. I’m rectifying that now.

Each story is a quick satisfying read if the first is any indication.

Blackhaven Manor is an enormous castle-like structure settled on an equally humongous wooded estate . Think ginormous 5 star hotel that’s comprised of Otherly niches , each suitable for a certain supernatural species, be it Vampire, Fae, type of were shifter, or anything else in the Other spectrum. And run by a meddling Dragon family.

It’s human concierge is Kol Livingston. Kol is one of the few humans on staff and the first to get his romance. He’s fresh from a bad breakup and currently swearing off any new relationships.

That’s when famous singer and infamous bad boy cheetah shifter, Remington Raines, arrives at Blackhaven Manor . He’s set to perform at the fabulous annual Festival held at the manor, a event so exclusive that it’s sold out far in advance.

Steele’s story is a fated mates romance with a hint of suspense to it. The author crafts her characters with an eye towards detail. Then, with a narrative smack, quickly nails the powerful impact a mate call has on a shifter and the couple.

It makes the fated mate a very believable element. Which I think was made more impressive given the shorter length of the book.

There’s a mystery and suspense aspect to the story that is something I both like and yet wish was given more time to develop. What we have is terrific but could have been so outstanding with a bit more “seasoning buildup“.

There are more characters I hope will will get to know better in the future novels. This universe has the potential for some very dramatic storylines and romances. I look forward to books.

I’m definitely recommending you start your journey here.

Blackhaven Manor Series:

✓ Purrfect Harmony #1

◦ Night and Fae #2

◦ Dragon It Out #3

◦ Grin and Bear it #4

◦ Pixie Little Liar #5

◦ Dead Over Heals #6

◦ Silent Knight #7 › showPurrfect Harmony (Blackhaven Manor #1) by Arden Steele – Goodreads


Kol Livingston believes in the so-called fairy tales, the clichés—love at first sight, soul mates, and happily-ever-afters. He wants it all, but after a series of failed relationships, he’s beginning to think he’ll never meet Prince Charming. He loves his job at Blackhaven Manor, but with all the gorgeous paranormals strutting around the hotel, why would anyone choose him?

When cheetah shifter and infamous bad boy, Remington Raines, is asked to perform for the Heritage Festival at Blackhaven Manor, he can’t say no. Literally. Still, an all-expenses-paid vacation from tour buses and screaming fans might be just what he needs. Falling for the quirky concierge with big, brown eyes and a smile that melts him, however, wasn’t part of the plan. He’s used to people—men, women, supernatural and human—throwing themselves at him, but Kol doesn’t care about his fame or his money. He’s been hurt, and he’s not about to give his heart to just anyone.Image is everything, but if Remington wants to win over this jaded human, he’ll have to dig deep and show Kol the man behind the reputation.

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