Review: Night and Fae (Blackhaven Manor #2) by Arden Steele

Rating: 3.75🌈

Night and Fae, the second in Arden Steele’s Blackhaven series about fated mates is another sexy, short supernatural romance. This time it’s a fabulously wealthy corporate vampire and an adorable hairdresser Fae getting their fated mate matchup at Blackhaven Manor!

Courtesy of the meddling owner Dragon siblings ,of course .

I enjoyed Night and Fae (terrific name), and the pair. But what I was missing what a sense of history, layerings for either of them.

With the previous story, each character was grounded in a way. Kol in the small town and Manor. Remington had his brother and a backstory.

But in Night and Fae, with the exception of bodyguards (neat ones, I admit), both Fae Leeland Rivers and Master Vampire Sebastian Delgado exist alone without substantial knowledge of their background. I miss that.

Luckily, Leeland’s personality is vibrant, funny, and endearing. He is a wonderful character. Sebastian is everything you would hope a handsome, commanding, wealthy vampire would be. Their mate connection or mis-connection is interesting and makes sense given their species.

There’s a dramatic element, which is swiftly resolved. And then a epilogue.

These are quick, smoothly plotted stories and they’re over before you can blink . I found the characters, the storyline and the ending satisfying.

I’m moving onto the next. I’m also recommending this for anyone who enjoys a HEA supernatural love story.

Blackhaven Manor Series:

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✓ Night and Fae #2

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Colorful and eccentric, Leelan Rivers knows he’s a little too “extra” for some people. Since those people are exceedingly boring, he couldn’t care less about their opinion. Yet, when a night out leads him right into the arms of fate, he never expected the broody vampire to deny the connection between them.

Wealthy and powerful, Sebastian Delgado is used to people wanting things from him. He’s not even surprised at the lies they’ll tell to get them. So, when Leelan claims to be his mate, he’s skeptical to say the least. Leelan might be beautiful and enchanting, but Sebastian has been disappointed too many times in the past not to be suspicious.

All it takes is one bite to reveal the truth but claiming Leelan as his own comes with its own set of problems. Especially when he realizes he’s not the only vampire at Blackhaven Manor interested in the faerie.

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