Review: Hell On Earth (Hellhound Champions #1) by Macy Blake

Rating: 4.25🌈

I’m on a journey to read all of Macy Blake’s series in the Champions universe as I sort of backed into it from the latest series written. I wanted to get a full foundation and a better understanding of all the characters and their interlocking relationships.

I meant to start at the beginning but Hellhounds! I can’t resist a Hellhound story, doesn’t matter the author. So here I am. At the start of the Hellhound Champions series.

Hell On Earth (Hellhound Champions #1) by Macy Blake is a terrific story. I was immediately pulled into this universe and the characters situations.

This is mid-range the overall multi series arc, so I had an idea of where I was in the interconnected universe timeframe.

We first get a feel for the bar, employees, and Meshaq, the alpha Hellhound, who runs it as a safe haven for unknowing humans and supernaturals alike, as long as all abide by his rules. He’s been slowly gathering a small pack of odd beings who needed sanctuary and found it with his walls and protection. All under the guidance of his Goddess.

Then a hunted human , Drew Metcalf, arrives to change everything.

Blake does a great job of creating sympathetic characters, especially Drew, who draw us to them. But it’s not just Drew. But Cody, Walt, and others there who are vulnerable in different aspects that will make us care for them too. This pack , a special found family, that will continue to grow, quickly establishes a place in a reader’s heart.

Surrounding them is Shaq and the other Hellhounds. Those are equally strong and fascinating. Introduced in the previous novels, which are still on my TBR list, some will be getting their mates in this series. Shaq is a strong personality. His romance with Drew is sweet and sexy , as well as falling into the fated mate category.

There’s a few suspenseful elements here to the storyline and some questions about their relationship as they are really the first of the mated couples to appear. So much of the history of what they are to each other , and to the pack is lost.

I get the idea that may change in the future stories.

I was entertained and enjoyed this story. I’m quickly onto the next! As my journey continues, I’m recommending this book and the series I’ve read to date.

Happy reading!

Hellhound Champions series:

1. Hell on Earth – Hellhound Champions, Book 1

2. Hell To Pay – Hellhound Champions, Book 2

3. Give Him Hell – Hellhound Champions, Book 3 › showHell on Earth (Hellhound Champions, #1) by Macy Blake – Goodreads


Hell Hath No Fury…

Protector. Boogeyman. Hellhound. Meshaq has been called it all. As alpha of the hellhounds, his goddess has tasked him with protecting the secrets of the supernatural world. He’s the police of other creatures and the enforcer of the goddess’s rules. If his duty leaves him lonely and longing for a mate and a larger pack, well, the goddess knows the secrets of his heart and she will grant them if it is her will.

Drew Metcalf is a man on the run. When he finds himself in a biker bar surrounded by leather wearing giants, he thinks he’s a goner. But there’s something different about the man slinging drinks. He makes Drew feel safe, something he hasn’t felt in a long time.

When Drew and Shaq’s worlds collide, a different kind of magic happens. Shaq doesn’t understand why he’s so drawn to the human whose life is shrouded in mystery and danger. What Shaq does know is that Drew needs his protection. Magical forces are at work, beginning a battle that will require all of Shaq’s skill as the goddess’s champion. With a terrifying threat looming, Shaq and Drew are in danger of losing more than their hearts.

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5. Nothing Ventured
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6. Hell on Earth
– Hellhound Champions, Book 1

7. Double or Nothing

8. Next to Nothing
– The Chosen One, Book 3

9. Hell To Pay
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10. Give Him Hell
– Hellhound Champions, Book 3

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