Review: Inferno (Hammer and Fist : Geminatus #1) by Jennifer Cody

Rating: 4.75🌈

Excellent story! This second concurrently running series to Hammer and Fist: Lexatalion , is helpfully set up by the introduction of the Geminatus species and world in that series first story, Sledge and Claw.

It does help to read that series first to get a better understanding of the agency, IDIA, it’s agents, who are it’s Hammer and Fist. Hence the titles of these series. Each agent is the law enforcement, judge , jury, and the one who enacts swift execution.

We met our first Geminatus, a female, in that story. But she’s a kidnapped member of her species. Direct from the planet.

The person who’s story this is , Hunter and Ranger DuPont, has lived as human twins in a small town all his life, with the exception of having his two avatars go off to different collages, graduating with degrees in other fields, before returning home.

He is both , Ranger DuPont, the high school science teacher, and his “brother “ , Hunter, the town’s best friend and go to when something needs to be done. Usually in a wildlife capacity.

In secret, Hunter’s , with Ranger if necessary, has been hunting monsters, keeping his little town safe and himself with his secrets too.

It’s remarkable that Cody is able to make us believe in this incredibly unique being, who’s one person with two bodies. Yet each body also has and operates with distinct personalities. Hunter has all the creative side, tattoos, long hair, dresses like a hipster. While Ranger, the science teacher, has a more scientific mind, quiet and authoritative personality. And through such excellent writing and genuinely great descriptions, we absolutely believe in all three. The one, and the two.

The weird way they switch back and forth between awareness’s, and remembering the minutiae about each brother to keep their secret intact before whoever they are interacting with. Then letting the awareness drop, as one being to think about the duality and perception.

It’s a narratively tight balancing act and Cody does a beautiful job.

While all that is occurring, there’s also a potential romance happening with another character, who’s aware he’s dealing with a Geminatus. And all the ramifications that comes that situation. But Cedric Clark, a nurse, also has an enormous secret that probably will have a huge impact going forward.

Weaving into this a mystery about all the so called monsters Hunter’s been fighting over the years, why Townsend? With the IDIC as a guide , these monsters soon get very disturbing names .

And mounting questions about Hunter/Ranger’s origins and things they/him can do that the other can’t?

Cody has built a novel of spellbinding questions with little answers.

Some of the characters from Hammer and Fist: Lextalion appear here. It’s fascinating to get another perspective on that group’s dynamics. Unexpected!

I can’t wait to see where Gale, the next novel moves the story. This is such a complicated arc and the characters are amazingly just as convoluted.

I’m highly recommending Inferno (Hammer and Fist : Geminatus #1) by Jennifer Cody and it’s twin series. I’ve listed both below.

Read them in the order I suggested, it will help with character, event, and storylines development

Same universe, events often running concurrently.

🔶Hammer and Fist: Lextalion series:

🔹Sledge and Claw: Lextalion #1

🔹Brick and Brass : Lextalion #2 TBD

🔶Hammer and Fist : Geminatus series:

🔹Inferno #1

🔹Gale #2 – RTBD › showInferno (Hammer and Fist: Geminatus # 1) by Jennifer Cody – Goodreads



After an encounter with gremlins that almost kills one of my avatars, I’m forced to get involved with the government agency that enforces the laws that govern non-humans on Earth. The Inter-dimensional Immigration Agency—IDIA, according to the office agent assigned to my case—has a vested interest in me. I’m a species that they’ve only just discovered, and I have a few gifts that I shouldn’t. Plus, I’ve been doing the work of a field agent for more than a decade, and they want to recruit me into the fold. It may be time I start getting paid for my efforts, but I’ll only agree to it if they can respect the family I’ve built and the people I’m protecting. If they want my loyalty, they’re going to have to earn it.

Inferno is an MM Urban Fantasy in the Hammer and Fist series. For a more informed reader experience, read Sledge and Claw (Hammer and Fist Lextalion Book 1) first, or explore the world for the frist time with Ranger/Hunter for a fun adventure into magic and inter-dimensional mayhem.

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