Review: Bad Intentions (Intentions Duet #1) by Ella Frank

Rating: 4.5🌈

I go into writing a review for a Ella Frank2 book series fighting the impulse to combine my reviews for both stories into one. Usually I’ve read both novels, one right after the other. And also because each story is truly one half of the same book.

Good Intentions (Intentions Duet #2) literally starts with Marcus’ perspective on the phone call that Gabe just hung up on at the end of this story.

So the flow is virtually seamless.

Bad Intentions marks the start of the relationship between Gabriel Romero, a soon to be PA at a law firm, and Marcus St. James, President of cable news giant ENN.

It starts off on what was supposed to be a hot encounter at an exclusive work party where Gabe used someone else’s name to get close to a powerful, but hugely gorgeous man he wants to meet.

What could go wrong?

Frank gives us the consequences of that action in such deliciously awkward, yet clever scenes that pack a emotionally powerful punch. It’s full of chemistry, confusion, and the sheer need to keep pursuing the other man. For both Gabe and Marcus.

One of the many elements I enjoyed about this Duet of novels is the surprises the author has in store for both the readers and her character when it comes to the layers she’ll peel back with regard to who these men really are and what they’re looking for in the future.

They are much deeper then they originally appear. I really appreciated that depth of personality.

Another is the age gap. Although there’s a large one as the men are written, the difference in ages isn’t a barrier because it’s a plus as far as Gabe is concerned. And any reference is a playful and interesting one.

The same goes for the notable difference in wealth and achievement. It’s talked about, and instead of a inequality that’s a barrier, Gabe’s looks towards Marcus’s wonderful achievements as goals of his own he also fully intends to realize. A healthy understanding, that includes a great recognition of his own brilliance.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. That’s part of having read both stories.

The story here is their struggles to figure out what they want to be to each other and how that would work given each other’s goals.

All big realistic questions. Especially when both men have little, or in the case of Marcus, no experience being in a relationship.

Ella Frank’s writing is crisp, often humorous, with a clever turn of phrase that had me grinning page after page.

I have such affection for these characters.

They are entertaining and their stories interwoven with those of the couples around them. So you can finish these and then go binge on their series as well.

But first, gather up both Bad Intentions and Good Intentions. Then read them, one right after the other for a marvelously entertaining, and quite lovely romance!

I’m highly recommending both!

Intentions Duet:

Bad Intentions #1

Good Intentions #2 › showBad Intentions (Intentions Duet, #1) by Ella Frank – Goodreads


My name isn’t Logan Mitchell, but Marcus St. James doesn’t know that…

When I showed up at my roommate’s work party, the last thing I expected was to find a man straight out of my dreams. But when the crowd parted and the fates aligned, there he was, waiting for me. Marcus St. James, president of ENN WorldWide News.

Sexy and powerful, with a stare that could freeze you in place, Marcus was the perfect reward for securing a job at Mitchell & Madison, the best law firm in Chicago. To play with the big fish, however, one must become a big fish, and that’s where my little white lie began.

It was one night. I was never going to see him again, and from the second we spoke, I knew he was interested. It was there in his eyes, the same fire in my veins. It was there in his voice, whenever he said my name.

The only problem? It wasn’t my name, and now I wanted more—much more.

But how can anything good come out of something that started with such bad intentions?

Bad Intentions is the first book in the Intentions Duet.

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