Review: Good Intentions (Intentions Duet #2) by Ella Frank

Rating: 4.5🌈

“GABRIEL ROMERO HAD just hung up on me. No goodbye. No “we’ll talk about this when you get back.” That charming, persistent young man had called me up, lobbed several accusations my way, and then ended our conversation before I was through talking to him.”

— Good Intentions (Intentions Duet Book 2) by Ella Frank

Good Intentions slides immediately into the moment after Bad Intentions ends, when Gabe hangs up on Marcus.

This is exactly why these novels make fantastic binge reading. Because they really are two halves of a whole story.

Where Bad Intentions was the beginnings of Marcus and Gabe, Good Intentions is precisely that. The place where both men realize how important each is becoming to them and the huge difference each other are making in their emotional lives.

This story is the place for revelations, character growth, and an overall internal examination by both Gabe and Marcus of their present lives, as well as future goals.

That includes if they are willing to take chances with their hearts.

Once again, Ella Frank moves Gabe and Marcus forward, across current obstacles raised by business opportunities, by challenges of borne of personal insecurities and varying relationship goals. Frank does it with intelligent dialogue, believable emotional storylines, humor, and heartwarming romance.

They make mistakes with each other, they acknowledge it, and then work through it in the best way that is suitable to them both. Often accompanied by very hot sex!

Such a terrific couple and two-book series. Just enough to be absolutely enjoyable and thoughtfully romantic.

Gabe and Marcus are surrounded by couples and people who have had

or will have their own series.

It’s a very connected universe. So if you’re intrigued by a couple, check out their stories!

I’m highly recommending Intentions Duo. Read them in the order they were written to grasp the entire story relationship dynamics.

Intentions Duet:

🔹Bad Intentions #1

🔹Good Intentions #2 › showGood Intentions (Intentions Duet, #2) by Ella Frank – Goodreads


Gabriel Romero made me hungry for things I’d never wanted, and starved of the things I didn’t think I’d ever need.
Until now…
Until him…

I was never the man who believed in love, romance, or happily ever afters. I was married to my work, and happy to be that way. Until one night, not too long ago, when an audacious young man lied his way into my life and showed me what I’d been missing.

Bold and sexy, with a face that could melt through the iciest of exteriors, Gabriel Romero is the one factor I never saw coming. There are so many reasons we shouldn’t work—my age, his, our career goals in life—and yet we are drawn together by a passion for music, and each other, that neither of us can deny.

I’ve always been the one to think things through, to follow my head instead of my heart. But if I don’t open myself to what’s possible, instead of thinking of all the ways this seems impossible, I might miss out on the best thing that has ever happened to me.

So I’m taking a chance, and laying myself at his mercy, opening my heart with nothing but good intentions. Only time will tell if Gabriel Romero decides to let me back in.

Good Intentions is the second book in the Intentions Duet.

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