Review: Hell Breaks Loose (Hellhound Champions, #4) by Macy Blake

Rating: 5🌈

Of the Hellhound Champions series,

Hell Breaks Loose (Hellhound Champions, #4) turns out to be my very favorite. It’s also the last of this series, setting up what I expect to be the next stage in this multi series universe, the Familiar Fated Mates series. Or whatever the author will title it.

Hell Breaks Loose takes place after Solomon has become the Alpha of the Hellhounds with Cody as the alpha mate. The Chosen One arc has been resolved with Meshaq and Drew set to a new path as Gods.

Achim’s life is a frazzled one for a Hellhound. Instead of things setting down after the Chosen One and his brother battled it out, with the Chosen One winning, the magic has gotten more unstable. More beings have come through into the human realm, keeping Hellhounds busy 24/7 . Achim and the rest of his pack are exhausted. And their situation is getting worse.

Ozias, the Prince of Hell, isn’t having a good day. Horrible in fact. His magic isn’t working and he’s being chased by his mother’s hellhounds. When a human appears before him . In Hell!

Achim goes through a portal but the colors all wrong. Not the usual red. And ends up where he lasts expects to.

This is a marvelous romance and engaging story. The characters are so amazing and have such great personalities. Watching them navigate the intricacies of their developing relationship while handling the widening magical chaos in the human realm , which is also Ozias’ first time there? It’s so deeply wonderful that you can’t turn away from it.

It’s funny, sad, horrifying, sexy , and all kinds of romantic.

This story brings us back into Nick’s family and all the kids he and his mate rescued. We see Solomon and Cody. We also see another extraordinary couple with huge news to impact the entire universe.

It’s quite the story.

I read the middle novels as part of the Chosen Ones collection. It works but I’m glad I read this here. I’m ready for whatever Blake has next for us and this amazing collection of characters.

I’m recommending you read them all to understand how they all fit together and the events and relationships as they form.

See the list below.

Hellhound Champions series:

1. Hell on Earth – Hellhound Champions, Book 1

2. Hell To Pay – Hellhound Champions, Book 2

3. Give Him Hell – Hellhound Champions, Book 3

4. Hell Breaks Loose (Hellhound Champions, #4) › showHell Breaks Loose (Hellhound Champions, #4) by Macy Blake – Goodreads


Safe to say Achim’s life wasn’t going as planned.

First, his mission for the fire goddess ended up with him—a hellhound who’d never actually been to hell—being sent precisely there. Worse, he found himself stuck in the strange hellscape with Ozias, a guy who’s a) hotter than the fire of both suns in the hell-realm, b) really, really likable, despite his arrogance, and c) oh yeah, the actual prince of hell.

Their connection comes in handy, though, when a demon escapes into the human realm and Ozias is sent to track it down. With magic fluctuating wildly around them, the hellhound pack is run ragged trying to keep the supernatural world a secret from the humans… especially since Achim is just a wee bit distracted keeping his mind and hands off the gorgeous-but-cocky prince.

But when the strange forces wreaking havoc on the human realm attempt to drive Achim and Ozias apart… well, that’s when things get really messed up. Because if they think they’re gonna keep a hellhound from the guy who might just be his mate…

They’re gonna watch all hell break loose.

❤️Chosen Universe Multi-series Reading Order:

1. Sweet Nothings- Prequel
– The Chosen One

2. The Trouble With Love
– Nothing But Trouble, Book 1

3. Santa Trouble
– Nothing But Trouble, Book 2

4. All or Nothing
– The Chosen One, Book 1

5. Nothing Ventured
– The Chosen One, Book 2

6. Hell on Earth
– Hellhound Champions, Book 1

7. Double or Nothing

8. Next to Nothing
– The Chosen One, Book 3

9. Hell To Pay
– Hellhound Champions, Book 2

10. Give Him Hell
– Hellhound Champions, Book 3

11. Nothing Gained
– The Chosen One, Book 4

12. Stop at Nothing
– The Chosen One, Book 5

13. Sweet Spot

14. All Kidding Aside
– Magical Mates, Book 1

15. Stop Kidding Around
– Magical Mates, Book 2

16. Hell Breaks Loose
– Hellhound Champions, Book 4

17. Logan
– Chosen Champions, Book 1

18. Gideon
– Chosen Champions, Book 2

19. Jamal
– Chosen Champions

20. Cosmo and the King

21. Aleron
– Chosen Champions, Book 3

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