Review: Get It Together (The Undead Detective Agency #1) by Shelby Rhodes

Rating: 4.5🌈

Another new author, another funtastic paranormal story and romance to grab hold of!

Given that graphically simple but perfect cover and great description, I knew I was in for a humorous story but it has hints of so much more hidden in the corners of this wildly entertaining romance between a ancient but oddly cute vampire who’s decided to be a detective and a human thief gone law student!

There’s a lot to discuss here. Mostly because it sounds a bit unhinged, in a terrific way!

It starts with Octavius Evander, the ancient vampire who’s boredom is the reason he’s starting The Undead Detective Agency to begin with. With his best friend, the zombie Scarlet at hand to act as secretary, backup, and sarcastic Greek chorus, Octavius is hilarious from the moment we meet him. He’s got the attention span of a toddler and what he does like (pink, sparkly, glitter, fabulous, eccentric), well, he wants it now. Black goth then 18th century fashion. In a instant. And sweets.

He’s just endearing. A bit clueless when it comes to some matters for a being that’s lived for so many centuries, but that’s a part of his charm.

And when he puts out a handmade flyer for the agency which also includes advertising for help. He gets the unexpected in the best way. A human applies.

That’s Turney Pimms. Love these names. Turney has got a bit of a colorful background, one I’m sure we will explore further in the books to come. At the moment, Turney’s enrolled in law school at Yale and the funds are getting scarce for the next year. He’s desperately in need of a job when a friend shows him a weird flyer.

A flyer which turns his world upside down!

Rhodes story has great characters, really entertaining scenes, but also ones that show our characters getting to know and understand each other with a warmth and deepening affection. It plays out so well.

But the author never forgets, even when we’re about to, that Octavius is a very old and powerful vampire and Turney is still just human. With all that entails.

There’s a number of scary cases, some investigations that go much differently then everyone thought, and will effect the Agency and the relationships being established.

Get It Together (The Undead Detective Agency #1) by Shelby Rhodes is just a wonderful read! I enjoyed immensely and highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys paranormal stories, especially romance.

There’s four books at least planned for the series. I’ve listed them below. I am so going to enjoy each and every one , I can tell!

The Undead Detective Agency series:

✓ Get It Together #1

◦ Keep It Together #2 – Feb/March 2023

◦ In Death Together #3 – TBD

◦ Together Forever #4 – TBD


Hello, there! I’m Octavius Evander. And this is the beginning of my story—well…sort of. It’s not the very beginning. As a vampire, that story would be way too long to write down—think, before the Romans. Rather, this story is about how I met the love of my unlife. Okay, it will be mostly about the cool and fancy detective agency I opened and solving mysteries, but also a little about love too.

     So, what does one need to open a detective agency, you may ask? Well, for one, a detective. As it was my idea, and I paid for everything, I, of course, filled that role. Next, I needed a secretary. My beautiful and marginally dangerous best friend Scarlett filled that role. Now, I will admit, at that time, I had not thought further than that, and simply skipped to getting my detective license, an office, and some other necessities.

     My mind might have been too full of the fun adventures I was about to have. My hope was that those in and out of the paranormal communities would keep me entertained for a very long time. I quickly realized I still needed a driver, a tech person, and a witch that was good with ghosts. This is the story of how I found those people. And who would have thought the first to walk through the door would be human, with no knowledge of the paranormal—my precious Turney.  



Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

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