Review: Lethal (Operation Justice Force #1) by Reece Knightly

Rating: 4.5🌈

The cover and description give the reader a pretty good indication of what Lethal, the first book in Reese Knightly’s new Operation Justice Force , has in store for them.

Dark alley, hot, muscled men, with tattoos (some of them), just a hint of danger. Works perfectly for a undercover operation filled with ex Black ops, ex Marines , ex CIA agents, you name it, this agency has the law enforcement type employed there.

I wasn’t aware there’s connecting series that precedes this, Code of Honor Justice Force series as well as Out for Justice Cobalt Security series. Neither of which I’ve read but some of the characters from those series do make appearances here.

The agency here is a twin operation of one referenced above, only a tad more under the radar. They are run by the same person and under the same government auspices .

Luckily, Knightly puts all that knowledge in place here so the new reader like myself doesn’t feel like they are scrambling too much to pull together the foundational structure.

Lethal is a two person POV, a dynamic format which works tremendously well with this type of story and characters.

It’s a dark explosive opening, and we’re off to a highly suspenseful, intense storyline diving into a mystery that has a murderous cat and mouse game already in progress.

While the transitions between the differing POV may seem abrupt at the beginning, I found it increased the pace of the exposition, heightened the sense of danger to the men involved, and laid a layer of dark rawness over this section of the storyline.

Dalton Weber, 38, second in command of Pegasus, is chasing Sphinx,a ex CIA suspected of being a traitor and stealing a important in-house list of names. That’s the situation we start at. A meeting between Dalton and Sphinx gone wrong.

Adam Campbell, ex CIA, is on the run, unsure of who he can trust, with information he needs to protect. He’s such a interesting character, exhausted, alone, fighting to survive. Who he is and what his connection is with Dalton makes this story. It’s such a great twist.

I won’t spoil the book but it’s a fast paced , highly entertaining, very suspenseful story. It’s got terrific characters, themes , and a fabulous ending.

There’s a few questions about Dalton’s family history, and his background but in general, this is a story that will keep you entertained and invested right until the end.

And it’s one I’m recommending!

The list of the series to date is below. Check them out.

🔹Operation Justice Force series:

✓ Lethal #1

◦ Rough #2

◦ Honor #3

◦ Rebel #4 – Nov 17, 2022 › showLethal (Operation Justice Force, #1) by Reese Knightley – Goodreads


A traitor with stolen information.
Adam Campbell, 33, blacklisted CIA agent, needs to get covert information into the right hands. Alone and on the run, his world suddenly stops when he discovers the identity of the Pegasus operative who is on his tail. Arranging a meeting just to gaze into the eyes of the man he’s always loved, Adam is set up and almost killed. Out of resources and nowhere to turn, Adam returns to the only home he’s ever known.

An operative who always catches the bad guy.

Dalton Weber, 38, second in command of Pegasus, has a job to do: Stop ex-CIA agent, code name Sphinx, from selling classified information. When Sphinx disappears after Dalton’s botched attempt at contact, Dalton takes a much-needed break. Going home for the holiday, Dalton finds Adam, the man he’d walked away from years ago.

A surprising encounter.
Imagine Adam’s shock when Dalton shows up. Imagine Dalton’s disbelief when he finds out the facts about the man who has always owned his heart. When explosions, secrets, and attempted murder hit close to home, Pegasus opens up a lethal dose of ass kicking. Will that be enough to stop the bad guys and give Adam a chance to come clean?


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

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