Review: Fang’d (Evergreen Council #1) by Vin George

Rating: 4.5🌈

Vin George is another new to me author. Their excellent Fang’d , a paranormal romance, is the first in a new Evergreen Council series and I’m so excited I found it.

George has a somewhat different take on the usual shifter/hybrid vampire romance. Even on the species of vampires and weres themselves.

As a foundation story, Fang’d is such a excellent tale. It peals back the hidden layers of the world Charley Entwhistle and Lucien “Luc” Bradshaw inhabit as they race away from Charley’s hometown and serious wrongful accusations laid against Charley.

Vin George gives their characters and readers a suspenseful, gripping base as a staging point for the story. A dark night, a near crash, a flight into the dark! Then the tale gets oh so better.

Because the driver who, in his kindness in rescuing Charley, is the fascinating Lucien “Luc” Bradshaw .

Luc is so much more than he appears. Luc is also one of two narrators of this remarkable story. The other being Charley, of course..

There’s so much happening to Charley. Much of which he doesn’t understand. His life has been unusual, he’s adopted and had weird physical issues no one has tried to explain. Ones that have escalated since puberty. Now he’s accused of murder, something he knows he didn’t do . He’s hurt, confused, and running.

Charley is such a complicated character that a review can’t portray his real personality. Which is terrific because Charley is at the heart of the story, it’s revelations and astonishing mysteries that move the narrative briskly forward.

Luc is at his side , his equal in depth of character, emotional issues, including historical bigotry between species, homophobia within species, and hidden elements that I’m sure will come out in future stories. Luc is an amazing being.

But Fang’d happens to be packed with them. What a joy. So I’m eagerly anticipating the new release to bring us back into this universe and into these characters lives. There’s still so many mysteries to solve.

Did I also mention the heartwarming moments too? Yes , it has those as well.

Vin George just made it onto my auto buy with this story. It’s beautifully written, the characters are engaging and fully defined, and the story incredibly well plotted with new twists on the paranormal species.

If you’re a lover of the paranormal, then I’m recommending this story and author to you. It’s a fabulous read! › showFang’d (Evergreen Council #1) by Vin George – Goodreads › Fangd-V…Fang’d – Kindle edition by George, Vin. Romance Kindle eBooks @


Who is the antsy, beautiful guy in my passenger seat? Or rather, what is he?

Wrongly accused of murder and running for his life, Charley took a chance on the hot stranger with a fast car. He didn’t expect the gorgeous Luc to have any insights into Charley’s increasingly strange symptoms. He certainly didn’t expect to learn the fantastical stories he’d heard as a child were true. And he definitely didn’t expect to feel so strongly for someone he only just met.

Luc’s impulsive offer has landed him in charge of a sexy, enticing, not entirely human someone. Charley might have vampire blood. Surely that should make him less attractive and not more? But the mysterious Charley is irresistible, addictive even. Luc is determined to protect him from anyone and anything…mortal or otherwise.

Fang’d is the sexy first book in the Evergreen Council series, featuring a bratty half-vampire on the run, his stubborn wolf-shifter protector, and a fascinating world of supernatural beings hiding in the shadows. HEA. Standalone.


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

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