Review: So What If I’m Your Chosen One (Not Your Chosen One #2) by Evelyn Benvie

Rating: 4.5 🌈

So What If I’m Your Chosen One (Not Your Chosen One #2) by Evelyn Benvie picks up right after the end of I’m Not Your Chosen One, the first one in the series.

Kell is in a emotional muddle. The stars are pushing him towards his “destiny” as The Chosen One without much guidance. There’s Ansel, patiently waiting for Kell to figure out what their relationship is exactly and let Ansel know . Slow burn it is! But the biggest issue is deciding what sort of Chosen , if any, Kell’s going to be and how he’s to achieve the very high goal of saving Allune.

Even if it’s from the gods themselves.

So What If I Am The Chosen One has a tremendous amount of action, new characters, and revelations.

It also has Kell doing a bit more whinging as my British friends would call it. I had thought Kell had settled some of these issues in the first book, but almost immediately they are raised again here. Kell has enormous questions about his destiny, all the beings that want a say in that (perfectly understandable), and not a lot of belief in himself in getting the job done.

I wish he would communicate more with his small group of friends/found family, as they are equally invested with hearts and bodies in his destiny too.

Still, Benvie’s engaging characters, lively , action packed scenes filled with remarkable , often moving moments keeps me fully connected to Kell and his band of heroes as they navigate their way towards the dark landscape of the Lich King.

As Kell continues to turn enemies into allies, or potential friends, and the revelations show the origin behind the magical catastrophe, Kell’s quest looms ever larger and more necessary then ever .

The author’s plotting is complicated, exciting, emotional, and magical. All the components that make a fantastic story so rewarding. That and these wonderful characters.

As the story ends , they’ve completed one mission, but the ramifications have yet to set in.

That comes next in “It’s Hard Work Being a Chosen One”, no release date given as yet.

I’m absolutely charmed by this story and series. I can’t wait to see the next story hit.

That means I’m absolutely recommending both books and this author to all lovers of fantasy.

And the cover is still everything!

Not Your Chosen One series:

✓ I’m Not Your Chosen One #1

✓ So What If I Am The Chosen One #2

◦ “It’s Hard Work Being a Chosen One #3 – TBA)”

Sales link:

https://www.evelynbenvie.comEvelyn Benvie


The stars don’t think Kell needs answers. He disagrees.

Having accepted his role as the Chosen, Kell plans to sail to Port Hull and seek answers no one seems willing to give him. Of course, the stars immediately sabotage him. They feel he’s ready to confront the allegedly evil Lich King and toss Kell and company directly into the Lich King’s territory with no way back. Instead of rushing heroically into battle, Kell retaliates by taking multiple detours on the way to his alleged adversary’s palace.

The roundabout route doesn’t end up being an easy one. With a demon tower, child ghosts, confrontations with the goddess and Ansel’s family, and serious talks about his relationship with Ansel, Kell has more than enough on his plate. But he can’t put off the destined battle with the Lich King forever, even though the odds of failure are high. Kell will need to draw on every ounce of non-traditional Chosen-ness or this might be the end of his time in Allune.

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