Review: Rough (Operation Justice Force #2) by Reece Knightley

Rating: 4🌈

I throughly enjoyed Lethal, the first book in this series. It had a sweet twist as far as the main characters, which directly affected their dynamics and relationship.

It was also my introduction to this world of undercover ops, twin semiautonomous agencies, and their operatives who all seem to have a sort of connection between themselves.

The operatives are all ex-professional military personnel, fierce , intelligent and highly effective in their areas of expertise.

Pegasus, the agency here is more undercover and newly established.

That’s the background. Gage and Mason Taylor are our main characters and POVs in Rough. We watched them bicker and circle each other in Lethal, their chemistry obvious. It’s a opposites attract story.

Mason Taylor is old rich money. He’s a known entity and that’s been used as part of his cover in the past. Gage’s past, other than career, isn’t as clear.

This is one of my issues with the series that starts with this story. I’ll table it for now.

Knightley does a excellent job creating interesting, connectable characters, outfitting them with emotionally laden issues, and then pulling it altogether in a fast-paced , suspenseful espionage thriller.

Gage’s family issues are heartbreaking and the character that acts as a bridge to bring them into Mason’s home is everything.

But this is where the suspension of belief sets in. Pegasus is a semiautonomous organization. High security with all that entails. Including high security clearances. Background checks on every operative to ensure they don’t have anything that would make them a security risk. Like a ex with addiction issues, money problems, and an employee with living quarters in risky area because of money flow issues.

Uh no. Red flags. Nope. Not hired.

And this is a narrative problem that carries over into the following stories.

There’s a few other things that’s problematic but that’s such a glaring example of a major issue that I’ll leave that out there.

Does that balance out a hot romance and terrific characters? Along with a fast paced storyline? Well, if this type of book is your jam, probably so.

Opposites attract, Blk Ops adventure, chemistry and hot men, heartwarming romance.

But a little eye roll as well.

I enjoyed it for what it was. And recommending it for that too.

🔹Operation Justice Force series:

✓ Lethal #1

✓ Rough #2

◦ Honor #3

◦ Rebel #4 – Nov 17, 2022

*there’s connecting series that precedes this, Code of Honor Justice Force series as well as Out for Justice Cobalt Security series. › showRough (Operation Justice Force #2) by Reese Knightley – Goodreads


After circling around each other for so long, are they ready to take it to the next level?

Mason can admit that he’s had the hots for rough and gruff Gage Hillcrest for well over a year now. Only Gage is bossy and overbearing as all hell. Not to mention that Gage is a closed book and Mason doesn’t know anything about the man.

Gage has wanted smart mouthed and sexy, Mason Taylor since he first laid eyes on him. But the two of them are like oil and water. Mason is wild. And well, Gage is not. Mason also has a big house and more money than he’d ever need while Gage is drowning in debt.

When Pegasus is asked to help the local police find a missing undercover officer, the unit leaps in with all hands on deck. Lives collide when they roll out on the mission and Mason finds out that Gage needs aid taking care of his family. Of course, Mason jumps in to help.

As the pair grow closer, life gets more complicated when Gage’s son goes missing. With loved ones in jeopardy, Pegasus will do everything in their power to find the little boy and recover the missing undercover cop before it’s too late.

Because in the end, it’s all about family and taking care of those in need.


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

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