Review: Love and History (The Script Club #6) by Lane Hayes

Rating: 4.5🌈

The events of Love and History run concurrently to The Professor’s Date and works beautifully to tie all the original couples up into their HEA as well as give us a heartwarming romance for one of the remaining Script Club members and a new boarder at the lovely old historic house they’ve been renting the entire series.

Almost everyone has either moved out as they have found their partner and established themselves in their careers. The ones left at the house are Tommy and Holden, both Professors at CalTech, both geniuses going for their PhD’s. All the other scientists/geeks in their circle have moved out, forcing them to rent to jock friends of Blake (Aster’s boyfriend).

If you’ve read The Professor’s Date, then you’re aware of how certain events will play out regarding the house. So having Lane use it as a dramatic element is a bit awkward. We know there’s no real threat there.

I wish another thread was used to have Holden thinking of moving on other then the loss of the house. Cole and Ezra had a realistic reason. They needed a location closer to work, which made sense. Holden’s emotional ties also felt believable. A renovation versus a loss of lease perhaps?

Anyway, the romance between Holden Galymer ,astrophysicist, microbiologist ,Phd candidate at CalTech and jock/lawyer in the making Ezra Marsden turns out to be incredibly bumbling, sexy, and sweet.

Ezra has been an irritant on Holden’s nerves since he moved in. With a dislike for clothes past the front door, and a disregard for respecting or replacing someone else’s groceries, Ezra is a itch Holden can’t scratch.

Lane is excellent at creating two wholly opposite characters and then making the reader see how perfect they are for each other. As she does here.

Each man has issues they are still working through. Especially Ezra. A lively outgoing demeanor hides someone who’s dealing with deep grief and anger over his father as well as a inability to come fully out of the closet as bisexual. Holden too has many layers and things that he keeps hidden. Those issues impact his feelings and ability to move forward into relationships.

How Ezra and Holden stumble through into love and HEA includes some wonderful events, some painful moments, and a outstanding wrap up with every couple in the series.

It’s a treat and a great way to say goodbye.

This is a series I really enjoyed. I had my favorites (who doesn’t) and was absolutely entertained.

If you love contemporary romance, this is a group of men I think you’re going to love. Including their finale. I’m definitely recommending this!

The Script Club Series:

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Rules of Play #2

✓ The Jock Script #3

✓ The Holiday List #4

✓ The Professor’s Date #5

✓ Love and History: Ezra and Holden #6 – series finale


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer

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