Review: Antagonist (Dads of Stillwater #1) by Ana Ashley

Rating: 3.25🌈

Antagonist is the first of Ana Ashley’s Dads of Stillwater series. Ashley ‘s story gives us all the necessary elements we need for a first novel. A foundation in the small town of Stillwater, with major events taking place at the elementary school, bakery, and other places that will be highlighted in this and other stories. We get a feel for it’s various citizens and township. Good and bad.

A overall theme of single dads , a section of liberal families versus a conservative “embedded bunch of pearl clutchers”, change versus status.

The first couple mirrors that image in their current lives. Bisexual attorney Harrison Davis is moving with his ex wife Stella and their child, Megan to Stillwater so Megan can have a better childhood.

Several terrific elements here. Harrison, Stella, and Megan are a great family unit even though Harrison and Stella are no longer married. Everyone is a fully fleshed character. No one is demonized over the end of the marriage. These are adults who respect each other and work in the best interests of their child.

Harrison is a bit lost in a small town environment but it’s his personality. It’s all well crafted and believable.

Fletcher, the artist and another single father who is the second main character is very engaging. Ashley has the father / son dynamics down perfectly so we fall in love with them as a family immediately. Gigi is adorable.

Fletcher has moments here that just keeps me frustrated with him. I not sure if it’s the author’s creation of his character or something in the storyline but the entire element with his ex, the dithering about even thinking of giving a narcissist personality(as written by this author) custody of a child because of a old promise comes across more as a need of story inserted drama then any believable plot line.

In reality, a person would have lawyered up faster then you could have said I don’t think so. But then a lot of the dramatic narrative would have been lost. That was me being polite.

The dithering about just was unreal , frustrating, and frankly, made me disconnect from the story a bit.

So was the whole outcome from the disagreements with the “pearl clutcher “ Karen here. Very disappointing.

So some very sweet, lovely elements and a great foundation for the series. A contemporary romance with two men with wonderful children and terrific found family dynamics.

It’s a nice start with some stumbling blocks.

I’m recommending it and will definitely go on to the next installment.

Dads of Stillwater:

✓ Antagonist #1

◦ Breakthrough #2

◦ Heartstring #3 – March 14, 2023

Goodreads › showAntagonist (Dads of Stillwater #1) by Ana Ashley


Single dads. Polar opposites. Undeniable chemistry.
Meeting at a bachelor auction for charity has trouble written all over it as far as I am concerned. Especially when the guy with the winning bid seems to be after only one thing…a good time between the sheets.

Refusing the advances of a man who’s too good looking for his own good, is easy at first. But how can I stay away from him when our kids are in the same class and trouble is already brewing between the two?

What do you do when the guy you can’t stop thinking about—and thought you’d never see again—turns up at your kid’s school?
You bring your A-game and flirt until he caves.

Harrison is hell bent on resisting the chemistry between us.
That is until we’re thrown together to organize the school’s Spring Fair.
Will that be my only chance to prove to him that I’m looking for more than a casual fling?

Antagonist is book 1 in Ana Ashley’s new series, Dads of Stillwater. You can expect bumping heads, show-stealing kids, a school fair so heated it may just go up in flames, lovable secondary characters, and Ana’s usual happy ever after.

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