Review: How I Stole The Princess’s White Knight and Turned Him To Villainy: Miracle 3 By A.J. Sherwood

Rating: 4.5🌈

A.J. Sherwood’s serial fantasy story continues with Miracle 3 as Tan and Devan ride off together on the back of Dan the Stallion to search for the thieving rapscallion adventurers who stole the powerful, magical Sword of the Sea from a mage friend of Tan’s who was its keeper.

Devan is needed, not just because Tan would have him with the Black Sorcerer 24/7 as he would, but because the Mighty Sword of the Sea can only be wielded by a Knight who’s heart is bright and true. That’s definitely Devante Salvino, First Knight of Goodwine. The Sword, which is a tad naughty, would actually consider Tan a enemy and number one target.

The journey to recover the Sword also leads to increased closeness between Tan and Devan as well as launching considerable introspection about Devan’s occupation and his happiness.

I love how this slow burn romance is starting to heat up through Devan’s realizing how much Tan has become a part of his life.

It makes my need for the next installment and step forward in their relationship even greater.

Plus we got a new look at the King, and a hint he’s as bad as the Princess.

All the stories are called the same , only the number of the Miracle changes.

What else changes? Subtle changes to the cover! Love this aspect too!

Yes, I’m highly recommending the series. Yes, they must be read in the order they are written.

It’s a quick, highly entertaining fantasy series! Start in and get caught up with us heading into Miracle 4 today!

Goodreads › showHow I Stole the Princess’s White Knight and Turned Him to Villainy: Miracle 3


What’s Tan to do when he has to reclaim a holy sword he can’t touch? Call upon his White Knight to save him.

What’s Devan to do when he learns the sword was stolen in order to defeat Tan? Save the poor fools from utter annihilation.

Tan is not amused by this quest line. Devan can’t stop laughing.


Tan’s turn to need help, what are they teaching these adventurers?, I’m not saying baby adventurers are stupid, but if you put a candle next to their ears their eyes will shine, Tan has all the plans, Devan laughs for the first time, Tan loves it, even if it’s at his expense, Tan is banned from Osedon Conclave, for reasons, Tan disguises himself as a girl, also for reasons, no one likes to be drowned, no one, even magic swords knows who’s boss


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

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