Review: Sass (Style Book3) by Jay Hogan

Rating: 5 🌈

Sass is definitely my favorite of the three Style novels. The writing is tight, the scenes runs the gamut from wryly funny to serious discussions to emotional pathos, all done so beautifully. The superbly crafted characters are ones we’ve gotten to know superficially in the previous books but now get their own stories and romance in a way that makes sense and gives them personal growth. All the other cast are equally strong as well.

When it comes to Kip/Chris , the store manager at Flare, Hogan’s skill at artfully threading multiple important character issues through his storyline without ever letting the exposition overwhelm or drop one of them is outstanding. Kip has always had a quick snarky attitude and a witty quip to go with it. A verbal shield to amuse or bruise or sass to go along with his fabulous sense of style and rotating bedroom door.

The reason why Kip is never Christopher is slowly revealed here through mending a broken relationship with tattoo artist Leon Steadman. Leon too has deep issues he’s not been able to deal with. Ones that led to his argument with Kip and 2 yr long feud. There’s aspects to Leon’s life and history that beg for more page time. He’s that big a infusion of life and energy into the story and Kip’s pattern. I love him and them together. Especially as they worked through their emotional blockages and mental barriers together, inching forward towards a future.

Drew, a young trans character who’s been an integral part of the universe since Flare also has an emotional storyline. Drew has matured from a frightened, bullied teen with a transphobic family into a stylish happy nineteen year old getting ready for his top surgery, knowing he’s loved and supported by his found family at Flare. He’s a remarkable person and character. I heart him so much.

We also see our other couples too . And get a lovely epilogue.

There’s a mention of past sexual assault. But it’s not on page. A warning for those for whom this might be a trigger.

Sass is a story for me with a wider reach. It’s range of serious issues and subject matter goes from dealing with grief and loss, anger and guilt over those same feelings of grief, sexual assault and how the emotional ramifications can effectively impact you in ways if May take decades to understand. Found family, the importance of the right clothes in helping people transition. All that for starters.

I know I missed some.

And it’s beautifully woven together.

Sass is the third book and I do believe you should read them in the order they are written to understand the characters, their growth, and all the relationships.

Happy reading. I’m highly recommending Sass!

Style series:

Flare #1

Strut #2

Sass #3

Goodreads › showSass (Style #3) by Jay Hogan

For two years I’ve kept Leon Steadman at a safe distance, ever since the night he turned me down flatter than a pancake with a side order of syrupy disapproval. His loss. The world is full of sexy men. One and done is simply good math and efficient use of my time. Or it would be if I hadn’t been lusting after the irritating, judgemental, gorgeous, mountain of a man, ever since.

The less I see of Leon, the better. Bad enough that his tattoo business sits next to Flare, the fashion store I manage, and that he’s friendly with my boss. But now he’s apartment-sitting above the shop, as well. Every time I turn around, Leon is there. In my store. In my space. Messing with my head. Being all nice and charming and acting like maybe he’s not the biggest jerk to walk the earth, after all.

Well, I don’t want or need Leon’s apologies, but maybe if I can have him, just once, it might put an end to this ridiculous hunger that sparks every time I lay eyes on him.

Yeah, I’ll get back to you on that.

Note: This book contains limited discussion of off-page past trauma.


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

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