Review: Five Night Stand (A Snowed Inn story) by H.L. Day

Rating: 4🌈

The holiday stories have started to be released and H.L. Day’s Five Night Stand marks the beginning of my seasonal reading.

It’s a short sweet romance with all the elements and characters that make a heartwarming holiday story and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Nathan Nichols, action/suspense author, is on a break. Nathan is trying to salvage his latest book that’s been rejected by his publisher. And the rewrite, up in a snowy mountain inn, is going nowhere.

A one night stand with CJ, a wildlife photographer, that turns into more courtesy of a avalanche , sparks more than inspiration.

H.L. Day builds a really lovely holiday story around this theme. Nathan’s predicament and his frazzled, upset attitude with himself and the situation is perfect for this moment. CJ, there to capture snow filled wildlife photos, especially rings true. The location, the elements, and the men lead to a romantic, heartwarming journey as they make love and share histories.

Five Night Stand has so much promise for a larger novel about the men, their characters, romance , and relationship. It’s the one reason I find shorter stories so frustrating.

If you love holiday romances and a terrific couple, this is a great way to start your seasonal reading. I’m recommending it.


The advantage of a one-night stand is being able to walk away. Except, Nathan can’t.

Workaholic Nathan Nicholls hasn’t had the easiest time of late. Still reeling from his publisher’s rejection of his latest book, he seeks refuge in a remote hotel. When he’s propositioned by the sinfully sexy CJ, a man who knows exactly what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it, why shouldn’t Nathan throw caution to the winds for once and have a bit of fun? After all, he’s leaving the next day.

When an avalanche puts paid to Nathan’s quick exit, he finds himself stuck there for Christmas. Stuck with CJ. What should be awkward, quickly becomes something else. The snow might be cold, but the time they spend together is far from it, and Nathan finds his heart warming. If only their passion and laughter didn’t have a shelf life, doomed to come to an end once the road is cleared.

Nathan Nicholls doesn’t do one-night-stands. But maybe, just maybe, if he makes a Christmas wish, this could be something more.

A sweet and steamy 43k forced proximity story which features a man who never was any good at one-night stands, a cheerful wildlife photographer who might not be as confident as he makes out, rustic log cabins, snow, Christmas cheer, and two men gaining a whole new perspective on life.

All the books in the Snowed Inn collection are standalone stories and can be read in any order.


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

Five Night Stand

Snowed Inn story Collection:

Five Night Stand is a standalone book.. It’s a Christmas novel in the Snowed Inn Collection

All the books can be read as standalones and in any order and all are available to buy or pre-order

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• H.L Day – Five Night Stand –

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