Review: How I Stole The Princess’s White Knight and Turned Him To Villainy: Miracle 5 By A.J. Sherwood

Rating: 4🌈

It’s the penultimate story and Sherwood is giving us heartburn!

From Tan’s explosive attempts to fix his biggest mistake to being a jailbird then , well , nothing prepared us for this short frustrating story of fighting, explosions, heart eyes, and an evil princess.

It’s got a big cliffhanger ending too!


Actually that’s pretty typical of serialized stories but argh!

Just sayin.

How I Stole The Princess’s White Knight and Turned Him To Villainy: Miracle 6 will be out on November 25, 2022. I’m so ready for a Royal smack down.

The covers have been changing. Notice the heart! Hmmmm, maybe a clue?

I’m highly recommending the series, frustration and all. Bring on the finale!

How I Stole the Princess’s White Knight and Turned Him to Villainy: Miracle 5


What’s Tan to do when an experiment goes wrong? Nothing. He’s unconscious and captured.

What’s Devan to do when his lover shows up in the palace prison? Keep calm and smuggle on.

Tan would say don’t put him into a box, but he actually does fit. Devan despairs.


Tan gets himself into trouble, what? No one’s surprised by that?, Tan maybe forgot a teensy weensy promise, it bites him in the ass, in Tan’s defense, yeah I got nothin’, boyfriend to the rescue, Protective Devan, light angst, mostly as an excuse for cuddles, smuggling, cancuns saying inappropriate things, Serenity has successfully pissed Devan off for the last time, and then she does something even worse, magic battle, minotaurs, portals, Fa actually fixes her hair, it’s a miracle.


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

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