Review: Charlie’s Doctor (Shadow Elite Book 1) by Jocelynn Drake

Rating: 4.5 🌈

Second chance at love along with lovers reunited are among my favorite tropes. I get both with a storyline that involves several long-time mysteries, stealthy mercenaries, explosions, many shootouts, and a extremely entertaining romance to boot.

It all starts with a mission in Buenos Aires , Argentina, with the former CIA, now mercenary team lead by Charlie Sands. They’re looking for leads on a missing famous artist for a friend. But soon their interests intersects with that of someone from Charlie’s past. The only man he’s ever loved and had to leave.

Drake has created two men who’s experiences in the time since they separated in Paris have seen profound changes in them personally and professionally.

Dr. Will Monroe, temporarily filling in for a friend in a poor clinic in the darker of districts in the city, hasn’t seen his former love in years. Then Charlie left him with an explanation that gutted him.

We follow the separate threads that ties Will to a past and present danger, and the group of men he’s reunited with.

Hint. It’s not a happy reunion. Realistically, it shouldn’t be with all the deep feelings and secrets still to be revealed. Plus the men are grown and changed since the initial romance. That’s real too.

I was kept throughly invested in the reignited romance, the mysteries, the investigations and the team dynamics.

It was a non-stop reading and the ending sets up the next character’s story while putting this couple’s relationship in very permanent happy status .

Charlie’s Doctor is a very entertaining, and solid story. I’m definitely recommending it to those who love action and suspense with their romance.

Shadow Elite series:

✓ Charlie’s Doctor #1

◦ Kairo’s Billionaire #2 – Dec 2, 2022

Goodreads › showCharlie’s Doctor (Shadow Elite #1) by Jocelynn Drake


A second chance to say ‘don’t let me go’.

When paintings for an artist who disappeared roughly fifty years ago suddenly surface, Charlie and his friends decide it might be worth looking into what really happened. Besides, who isn’t up for adventure and fun in Buenos Aires?

But things go horribly sideways when Charlie stumbles across Dr. William freaking Monroe—the only man to claim and then destroy Charlie’s heart.

Now they’re on the run, dodging bullets and digging for the truth. Charlie wants nothing to do with Will. It’s his heart that’s screaming for a second chance.

Is it too late to get past years of anger and misunderstandings to grab the love that still burns between them?

Charlie’s Doctor is the first full-length novel in the Shadow Elite mercenary series and features stubborn men with poor communication skills, second chances, meddling brothers, explosions, and love on the run in Argentina


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