Review: The Button Man by Davidson King

Rating: 4 .25🌈

Assassin and kid stories have turned into a favored theme of mine, whether it’s a movie or a book. There’s something about a unrepentant killer who, for whatever reason or circumstances, turns into a father/mother/parent figure to a young child.

The dynamics that develop between the pair are usually so fascinating depending upon the age and personalities that , other storylines excluded, it makes the novel on its own.

Duke Barton comes from a line of assassins known as The Button Men. He was never given a choice by either his grandfather or father, his future was always set to follow their ways.

Barton’s history is not given a huge amount of page time. Instead, the emotional components are pulled out from his past timeline when necessary and then it’s left to our imagination to fill in the rest.

For the subject matter The Button Man covers in its storylines, it’s surprisingly entertaining and low angst within the deadly plot and killer’s romance.

I sort of enjoyed it that way. Neither Barton, his father Cal, or Barton’s handler, Sparrow, are seen as sociopaths or psychopaths. But rather as people who were forced or fell into professions that involve killing people.

King is clearly having a wonderful time with dialogue, scenes that include dangerous situations and mobsters, as well as the usual high end technology.

People (not MCs) are tortured, lots of killing and bodies. But also a wonderful dynamic between an unusual father and his unsuspecting daughter.

While I could point out holes in the behavior of some of the professionals (as it seems to me) like loose security physically and electronically, the characters and storylines kept me connected and involved right to the end.

There’s no indication that King intends to carry this book further into a series but honestly? I could see it . I loved the characters and would love a revisit in the future.

Contemporary romance your thing with a element of humor, action, murder and family? The Button Man by Davidson King might just be the read you’re looking for.

I’m definitely recommending it.

Goodreads › showThe Button Man by Davidson King


A visit from Button Man means only one thing: someone wants you dead.

Duke is born into the world a hired killer. It’s his birthright—all he knows, all he thinks he’ll ever be. Then one fateful night, the unthinkable occurs and in the most tragic of moments, a promise is made. That promise is kept for almost fifteen years, until he comes face-to-face with a target he never expects and a future he never sees coming.

Kelly spends his days in a classroom, while his nights couldn’t be more different. Unbeknownst to those around him, their friendly neighborhood teacher is the handler for a hit man. For over a decade he has watched Button Man’s back from behind a computer screen. He is content living his double life, believing he will never cross paths with the dangerous assassin, but fate has a different plan.

When the past collides with the present, Duke and Kelly must prevent it from destroying the future. It’s not just their lives they need to think about—the entire world of a fourteen-year-old girl is about to spin on its axis. Dodging bullets and uncovering truths bring the two closer than they could have imagined. But lust takes a back seat to survival when enemies threaten to drown them both in blood. Can they navigate these twists and turns when death is lingering at every corner, or will they die trying?


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