Review: Stuck With You (A Snowed Inn Romance) by Meredith Russell

Rating: 3🌈

Stuck With You is another story in the Snowed Inn romance collection of books by various authors that features a mountain resort called The Retreat, a avalanche that temporarily seals off the resort , and a group of people there for multiple events who find their HEA.

Stuck With You is a best friends to lovers trope that’s a sweet holiday romance. It’s a quick read with characters that aren’t memorable and a storyline that’s all too familiar.

The characters never seemed to have any chemistry with each other, and the dialogue (inner and outer) felt awkward and too young for the age group.

For myself, it was a nice romance but definitely not close to being a layered narrative with terrific storytelling .

Fan of this author? I’m sure this is on your TBR list. All others decide for yourselves.

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Brodie loves Gabriel. Gabriel loves Brodie. So why is it so difficult for them to be honest with each other?

Brodie Lewis has been in love with Gabriel, his best friend, for years. The problem? It’s an impossible love. After all, they’re practically family.

With his dad working long hours to make ends meet, Brodie had been lonely growing up, until the day a boy from his neighborhood invited him over for dinner. The boy’s house had been so different to his own, filled with people and warmth, and Brodie would be forever grateful for how the Conley family treated him as one of their own.

When feelings beyond friendship stirred in Brodie, he’d tried to ignore them. Gabriel and his family were everything to him. How could he ever confess? And so, looking to move on from his first love, Brodie attends the speed dating night at The Retreat Hotel. It was a good plan, if only Gabriel wasn’t the one to offer him a ride to the venue.

Gabriel Conley only wants Brodie to be happy, which is why he’s willing to lock away his feelings yet again and drive Brodie through the snow to the dating event. Brodie smiles the most when surrounded by Gabriel’s family, and Gabriel never wants to ruin that with a selfish love confession. So instead, he’ll stay at Brodie’s side as a friend.

When an avalanche cuts the hotel off from the outside world, and Gabriel and Brodie find themselves stuck together and closer than ever, it’s time for some truths to be revealed.

Can the oblivious childhood friends finally understand each other’s feelings, and confess their love for each other?

All the books in the Snowed Inn collection are standalone stories and can be read in any order.


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer

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