Review: Vow Maker (A Mixed Messages Novella) by Lily Morton

Rating: 4.75🌈

Vow Maker is the fourth and supposedly final book in Lily Morton’s Mixed Messages series. After 7 years together, Gabe and Dylan (Rule Breaker #1) , are finally getting married. If they can agree on a wedding planner.

In true Morton style, what ensues is a story that embraces all the aspects and emotional elements a complicated couple brings to the decision to get married. In turn, it’s downright hilarious, sobering and deep when their discussions turns to the past and the barriers that had come between them, warm-hearted, and sexy.

The Gabe and Dylan here have settled into their relationship with a deep love and understanding of each other. Mixed in with interactions with the close friends and family we’ve gotten to know through the previous books, it’s a joy to jump back into this universe like a old friend.

Morton’s beautiful writing and exquisite way with characters and relationship dynamics connects the reader immediately with the issues that have blocked the couple’s successful journey to marriage. Gabe’s old nightmares, his fears , become real to us as his past rises up to haunt him.

What he does and how he believably works through this damage pulls us emotionally even more into this couple and their future.

One of the greatest new elements and characters is their chosen wedding planner. To go further with any reveal on him is to spoil some truly guffaw inducing moments. He’s a gem and I’m hoping he gets his own romance.

It’s hard to believe that Vow Maker would bring an end to our journey with this charming, complicated crew of men. I’m hoping not. I not ready to let them go.

I am highly recommending this story but please read their beginnings in Rule Breaker to see how it all started. I’ve listed them out below.

Mixed Messages:

✓ Rule Breaker #1 – Gabe and Dylan

✓ Deal Maker #2 – Jude and Asa

✓ Risk Taker #3 – Henry and Ivo

✓ Vow Maker #4 – Gabe and Dylan & co.

Goodreads › showVow Maker (Mixed Messages, #4) by Lily Morton


Dylan Mitchell wants to get married.

However, after seven years of being engaged, that’s looking slightly doubtful. After going through ten wedding planners, they’re gaining a reputation somewhat akin to Henry the Eighth on the wedding circuit.

Gabe has vetoed symbolic dove releases, forests of flowers, fire-eating performers, and puce as a wedding colour. He’s confounded an army of wedding professionals, and now Dylan, the man who knows and loves him better than anyone, has joined the ranks of the confused. Can anything please his fiancé and get them to the altar?

From bestselling author Lily Morton comes the sequel to Rule Breaker. A romantic comedy novella full of family chaos, meddling friends, sexy bathroom encounters, and love. Always love.


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

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