Review: The Dragon King’s Philosopher (The Dragons of Serai Book 3) by Amy Sumida

Rating: 4.5🌈

With The Dragon King’s Philosopher , Amy Sumida expands her universe and basic foundation knowledge her readers understood for The Dragons of Serai series. That new depth alone makes this a fascinating book.

Each book picks up directly from the events of the last, the narrative backtracking a scene or two to refresh the reader’s memory on every aspect of the novel’s story.

So we’re ready to jump into Prince Thais’ life, knowing the humiliation and pain his twin sister has caused him and his family in the aftermath of The Dragon Prince’s Necromancer (#2).

He’s sworn off his crushes on warriors, and needs an immediate diversion, preferably away from family, home, and sister. He’s answered by a official missive from The Kingdom of Ha’tezan asking for his help on a archaeological project of great significance.

It’s yes and he’s off to a place few have made voyages to.

By traveling to the country (an island) and kingdom of Ha’tezan, Sumida creates an entire new continent of different niche environments along with new races, cultures, and histories that inhabit it. Ones that both challenge and entrance Prince Thais.

Lord Thas Thorncal, family enclave Fyrehollde, of Zaru, scholar, linguist, philosopher, but not warrior, isn’t exactly ready for the King or Kingdom he’s flying into.

It’s one of remarkable ancient traditions and architecture, wonders and marvels that rival nothing Thas has ever seen. Yet the culture he’s meeting is steeped in mistrust, a lack of scientific vision, as well as superstitious, beliefs passed down through generations until they’ve become so rigidly accepted as non-refutable.

It’s also built upon the notion that power and fear rules. A society hard for a non-warrior to understand and find a place to fit in.

I found myself really thinking about the layers Sumida is adding in here to her world building. Ones that not only layers over prior foundation knowledge, but new ones that can substantially change , enhance, or even twist that she’s already given us.

So that our minds are occupied with all this rich tapestry of knowledge when we are also involved in other equally complex storylines involving our characters , their lives, and potential relationship.

I wasn’t a complete fan of King Xa’din of Ha’tezan. I found myself thinking there’s at least one other candidate I prefer for Thas here over a superstitious brute of a King with the communication skills of a toddler. Honestly, that never went completely away. And is the reason this story didn’t get a 5 star review.

Because Sumida handles so many other issues and tricky elements of the story with a deft narrative hand. The format, the amazing imagery, the fantastic storytelling and new characters!

I was enthralled.

Thas Thorncal, and the new characters (which I absolutely cannot speak of without giving away huge spoilers) are beautifully written, captivating in their portrayal of men in a momentous moment in their lives, and a yet , in a fantasy world, made believable by their circumstances and choices.

I can’t wait for the next installment and this journey to unfold.

I’m highly recommending that you read these book in the order that they are written to understand the history, characters, relationships, and world building.

The Dragons of Serai series:

✓ The Dragon King’s Assassin #1

✓ The Dragon Prince’s Necromancer #2

✓ The Dragon King’s Philosopher #3

◦ The Dragon God’s Sacrifice #4 – Jan 30, 2023

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A broken heart sent me running right into his arms.

I live in a world of magic, but I’m a man of science. Nothing thrills me more than learning, be it a new language, culture, or the way something works. That is, until I fell for the Dragon Prince of Zaru. After he mated another man, I found myself listless, searching for something to ease the heartache. So when the offer of an archaeological job in Ha’tezan came to me, I accepted it instantly. I didn’t ask what it paid or who was hiring me; I didn’t care. I just needed to get out of Zaru.

My employer is a king—King Xa’din of Ha’tezan. At first, he seemed brutal, ruling his kingdom with an iron claw and a pair of cursed, mismatched eyes. But I sense there’s something magnificent waiting behind his hard exterior, just as there is behind the ancient doors he’s unearthed. And as intriguing as King Xa’din is, so is his island kingdom. It’s full of exotic creatures and people I’ve never seen before. I intend to uncover all the secrets of Ha’tezan, especially those of its King. I just pray that I haven’t traded heartbreak for something more fatal.

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