Review: Sniper vs Spotter (Hitman vs Hitman #2) by Cari Z and L.A. Witt

Rating: 4.5🌈

Sniper vs Spotter passes the tough second book hurdle with flying colors, amid explosions, flying debris , and blood splatter!

Cari Z and Witt continues moves the relationship between hitmen August Morrison and Ricardo Torralba forward, opening the novel with the men living together, adjusting to a different lifestyle and emotional state.

It’s that latter that’s really causing the introspection and , glimpses into their pasts.

Which the authors use as the major source for the drama on multiple levels within the storyline with huge success.

Family is key. Or the keys to unlock the history and personalities of August Morrison and Ricardo Torralba. For August, it’s his sister and their shared traumatic experiences. For Ricardo, it’s his ex-wife Eve (an extraordinary woman, real, grounded in her bitterness and love), their complicated relationship, and the person from the past that now connects them.

Eve is someone who’s so well crafted that it’s no wonder the authors couldn’t leave her to just one story (yes, she’s going onto the next book).

Kudos to both authors for not demonizing the ex in a marriage. That’s one of my pet peeves in writing. I acknowledge that there’s unlikable ex problems but too often I read ones where it’s a simplistic, cardboard throwaway approach to a character and story element than a realistic human approach.

Sniper vs Spotter’s plot(s) and character development and relationship growth, which happens between not just the main couple but between other people as well, is just as compelling and interesting to watch unfold as the fast action sequences that accompany it.

The authors says these characters are talking to them? I say they are laughing, shouting, snarking their way through an entire series.

If we’re lucky.

Especially as they keep drawing more fabulously complicated people in around them.

So yes, I’m definitely recommending this series and probably even the ones that follow.

Look for more reviews to come.

The books must be read in the order they were written to understand the events and relationships development.

Hitman Vs Hitman series:

✓ Hitman Vs Hitman #1

✓ Sniper vs Spotter #2

✓ Killer vs Kingpin #3

◦ Cop vs Capo #4 – Jan 4, 2023

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Sniper vs Spotter (Hitman vs Hitman Book 2)


Mortal-enemies-turned-furniture-breaking-lovers August Morrison and Ricardo Torralba have found a groove that suits them both. They’ve teamed up as hired guns, they live together, and by some miracle, they haven’t killed each other. It’s the closest to normal they’ll ever have, and they love it.

But their guns-and-roses future is thrown into chaos when Ricardo’s past comes crashing into their present. What begins as a favor for an old friend—well, “friend,” but don’t tell August—quickly spirals into something far bigger than they anticipated. Now they’re in way over their heads with powerful people on both sides of the law, and it’s going to take more than snark and explosions to see them through.

Nevertheless, there will be plenty of snark and explosions, because this is August and Ricardo, and no one would expect any less. In between the smoke and sarcasm, though, they are determined to bring an evil operation crashing down… no matter who they have to work with to get the job done.

And no matter who they have to kill.

Sniper vs Spotter is the sequel to the apparently-it-doesn’t-want-to-be-a-standalone Hitman vs Hitman, which absolutely was supposed to be a standalone, but August and Ricardo (predictably) refused to be contained. Our audiobook narrator also shares some of the blame, Michael. So here we are.

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