Review: Cop vs Capo (Hitman vs Hitman #4) by Cari Z and L.A. Witt

Rating: 4.75🌈

I was absolutely wondering how these authors were going to work this book (Cop Chandler and Mafia Silvia’s romance) into the series structure of the ongoing glorious mayhem that is August and Ricardo’s romance without letting the main characters fade into a secondary storyline.

No worries. Cari Z and Witt managed to juggle the needs furthering the relationship of the series couple with that of this very complex, troubled, enemies to lovers romance beautifully.

Cop vs Capo has all the narrative aspects that are indicative of the series. Fast paced, suspenseful, murderously entertaining multi faceted storylines that are intertwined with a great relationship between fascinating characters. In this case, it’s relationships and four men.

We have gotten the haunting back stories of August and Ricardo. We understand the impact their pasts have had upon their lives. But we haven’t seen the trauma that’s driven David Chandler to become a police detective or been able to dwell on why a mob underboss like Pedro Silva has a obvious attraction to a male cop , especially given that Silva has a connected ex wife. Silvia’s been a great personality, complicated, ex Army, at odds internally with the mafia persona he wields. Chandler, too, has, in the glimpses the authors have given us, demonstrated a wry humor, acceptance to think less rigidly than his companions, and follows his instincts. They were fabulous men we wanted to see more of.

Now , in the midst of a gang war, one this group started, the authors reveal the damage and trauma of each man’s history that surfaces throughout the events here to bring them closer together. Yes, high body count, trigger warnings, death, all of that.

It’s done through the company of August and Ricardo, to great comedy relief, incredible action, and the occasional moments of serious reflection.

If I had a favorite in this series (and I don’t) this would rank among the top. There’s another one coming. August and Ricardo are getting married.

That should be a even higher body count.

No release date yet for In-Laws Vs Outlaws. However, I’ll be waiting.

In the meantime, I’m highly recommending Cop vs Capo but only if you have read the rest of the series first. Read them in the order they are written to understand the men, relationships, and events.

Hitman Vs Hitman series:

✓ Hitman Vs Hitman #1

✓ Sniper vs Spotter #2

✓ Killer vs Kingpin #3

◦ Cop vs Capo #4

◦ In-Laws vs Outlaws #5 – TBD

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Cop vs. Capo (Hitman vs Hitman Book 4)


Wherever August Morrison and Ricardo Torralba go, chaos is sure to follow. The authors certainly know this, since their “standalone book” has now turned into a series with no end in sight, because…UGH. These two. We give up.


Detective David Chandler had no clue what he was getting into when he and his partner decided they were going to nail August for murder. They didn’t realize it was one of the few murders August didn’t commit, or that their homicide investigation would lead them into the middle of a mob war.

Cavalcante underboss Pedro Silva knew asking August and Ricardo for help was a terrible idea. Just mentioning their names is bad for Pedro’s blood pressure. Owing them a favor? Oh Lord. He still asked, though, because he was out of options, but he can’t say he didn’t know he’d regret it.

Neither man expected things to blow up this badly.

Now they’re both on the run from the mafia, the cops, and everyone in between… except for August and Ricardo. On one hand, that means they have two expert assassins in their corner. On the other, it means they have the biggest troll on the planet heckling them at every turn. And sticking them in a safehouse together. With only one bed.

And if August or Ricardo make one more comment about how Dave and Pedro should just hook up already…

Cop vs. Capo is 67,500 words long, and is book 4 of the Hitman vs. Hitman series.

CW: combat PTSD, alcoholism, on-page violence, discussion of abuse of a sex worker.

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