Review: Violent Mistake (Blackrose Brotherhood #2) by Ariana Nash

Rating: 4.25🌈

We met Kazi, aka Kazimir Skokan, vampire, who’s public face is that of a international internet sensation, a interesting facade for a member of a secretive society of powerful paranormal beings.

That’s the Brotherhood, a group of vampires hunting another equally ancient faction of vampires with a different allegiance towards the gods and the human race. It’s control Vs Chaos basically.

He’s on a kill mission when the story opens. His target a true crime reporter, Felix Quaid, with his Unexplained in Maine podcast, who refuses to stop digging into the affairs of the Brotherhood. Felix has to go.

Only the enemy intervenes.

Nash builds a story much like a traditional Smith Island cake, just one layer after another, until you have a thin, multiple level wonder. You may not be sure of what you’re getting until you’ve cut into it, grabbing that slice of scrumptiousness, finished it, and savoring all the ingredients.

That’s how I feel about all the many, many elements Nash introduces here and in the previous book. It’s like I’m staring at the cake but don’t know how it’s all going to work out yet.

It’s a lot and very ambitious. Here we have Kazi and Felix, their story and relationship. It veers off onto another continent. Picks up Felix’s history with his family. Picks up Kazi’s bloody backstory. What does get sidelined is the manner in which Felix “ lost” everything, his podcast, etc. That’s a fairly important thing to lose track of. But we do get a tiny glimpse into Felix’s family life. Kazi’s journey is rooted in history and location. Nash was outstanding in both.

But Nash has a lot of narrative ground to cover. We have to establish a meaningful relationship between two former enemies, bring about a change of heart within Kazi about humans and their role in the world (as well as with himself). Nash also has the enemy there to expound on their own destiny, mission, you know how a big bad absolutely MUST make speeches about themselves. It’s in the Evil Handbook. All the while, moving the storylines forward with enormous amounts of drama and angst.

There’s several really great twists, one that’s going to bring the sniffles out as well.

But the author isn’t finished. Smith Island Cake remember? There’s genetics, explosions, betrayals (sorry, but everyone will see who the baddie is in this instance), and more loose end mysteries. All that isn’t revealed or relayed in any satisfactory manner in the story other than bare minimum at the end.

At the end, I just had way too many unanswered questions to the unresolved aspects of this story to feel satisfied. I really liked it, but didn’t love it.

And really know one is talking about Mikalis to each other?

There’s no mention yet of the next installment. I’ll be waiting for an update.

I find the elements and promise here fascinating. If you’re a fan of this author and paranormal fiction, you decide whether to wait until more of this series is released to read the stories or read along as they are published.

I’m recommending it because I’m just as curious as the rest of you.

Blackrose Brotherhood series:

✓ Violent Desire #1

✓ Violent Mistake #2

Goodreads › showViolent Mistake (Blackrose Brotherhood #2) by Ariana Nash


Internet sensation Kazimir Skokan, is loved around the world for his luxury photoshoots and envious lifestyle. But Felix Quaid has never hated a man more. Ex-investigative journalist turned true-crime podcaster, Felix knows something is off with playboy Kazi. From the late-night back-alley meetings to the people around him who later vanish, behind Kazimir’s flashy smile, he’s rotten to his core. Not to mention rumors of darker, dangerous, some-say supernatural occurrences around Kazimir. Felix even has photos to prove it.

But the last time he tried to expose Kazimir Skokan, his story was inexplicably shut down, taking Felix’s career as a journalist with it. Kazimir owes him the truth. And Felix is going to make sure the whole world knows it.


Kazi has new orders. Kill Felix Quaid. The Blackrose brotherhood leader, Mikalis, is never wrong. But in this, Kazi disagrees. Sure, Quaid is a pest, perhaps even a stalker, but no more than any other overzealous fan. Still, what Mikalis wants, Mikalis gets. And what’s another dead meat-bag to Kazi anyway? He stopped caring who lived and who died long ago.

Making Quaid disappear should have been easy. But in Quaid’s final, crucial moments, a pack of cult members kidnap them both, mistaking Quaid for a member of the brotherhood. Now, trapped together, their time running out, Kazi must work with Quaid if they’re to survive the insane Nyx-worshipping acolytes.

But as soon as they escape, Mikalis’s orders will still stand: Quaid must die.

Kazi thought he’d long ago given up on caring who lived and who died. Apparently, he was wrong…


Sparks fly in the second book in the all-new gay vampire psychopathic romance. Please note these books contain morally grey characters, unlikable heroes, enemies to lovers, and all the Ariana Nash angst you didn’t know you needed.

Each book in the series follows a new MM couple and ends in a HEA/HFN. This series is fast burn.

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