Review: Jon and Mack’s Terrifying Tree Troubles (Jon’s Mysteries Case Book 5) by A.J. Sherwood

Rating: 4.75🌈

A crossover story with Sherwood’s Mack’s Marvelous Manifestations series, Jon and Mack’s Terrifying Tree Troubles is a great entertaining, somewhat terrifying white knuckle thriller of a murderous paranormal mystery story.

That it contains laughs, some kinky sex, cats, yeeted tombstones, multiple characters we’ve come to love between two series, and ghosts out the wahzoo! You should sort of expect that.

It all starts with Grant (who does get a story, see below) being called in to find a missing teenager, only to discover that she’s dead.

That leads to a phone call to the Psy gang , that includes Reader extraordinaire Jonathan Bane, his fiancée and anchor Donovan Havili , computer genius Cho and more.

Sherwood quickly turns a simple murder case into something that keeps building up into a chilling conspiracy of hate and violence. One body at a time. It’s a great element and storyline.

And it makes perfect sense to bring in all the other characters, like FBI medium MacKenzie Lafayette and his anchor and partner in every way,

Brandon Havili, to help with the cases and ghosts.

More familiar faces arrive to assist as the suspects, anxiety, and sheer body counts ramp up. So does the danger to our group.

The final chapters are really impressive in building to a narrative climax,making a high action, suspenseful, screaming banshee type of last play before everything is solved and the good guys can go safely home and enjoy their lives.

In other words, a fabulous tale.

Sherwood has mentioned she has one more book in each series and then they each are done.

So I’ll treasure this and wait for that.

And highly recommend the series. Read them in the order they are written.

Jon’s Mysteries Case series:

✓ Jon’s Downright Ridiculous Shooting Case #1

✓ Jon’s Crazy Head-Boppin’ Mystery #2

✓ Jon’s Spooky Corpse Conundrum #3

✓ Jon’s Boom Shaka Laka Problem #4

✓ Jon and Mack’s Terrifying Tree Troubles #5

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Jon and Mack’s Terrifying Tree Troubles (Jon’s Mysteries Case Book 5)


It’s like a bad game of Telephone.

Grant locates a murdered teen in McMinnville. He calls Jon.

Jon locates the girl’s ghost. He calls Mack.

Mack talks to the ghost who leads them to more ghosts. Who lead them to even more ghosts.

And why are all the murder victims buried under trees?

The boys are ready for this game to end, please. (Donovan especially.)


Jon’s World crossover, hail hail the gang’s all here, oh look we meet Grant, trees are not to be trusted, according to Donovan, ya’ll pray for Donovan, there’s so many ghosts, the ghosts have some WORDS to share, car sex, bondage sex, Mack has plans, so of course they get ruined, BAMF female cops, Jon and Mack are ready for this case to be over, please and thank you, serial killer(s)? running amok, people get tombed, literally, Eli’s mad she missed the fun, Mack would like to say: Don’t use Jon as a battery, seriously don’t do it

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