Review: Wolf Heart (Outcast Pack, #1) by T. J. Nichols

Rating: 4🌈

The Outcast Pack series takes place in the same universe as this author’s Familiar Mates and Mythos series. So if a reader is familiar with those books then they will be able to supply the missing foundation information one would normally expect to receive from a first story here.

Paranormal/human interaction. Officially none. The paranormal species and ruling structure, The Coven. All that crosses over all three series and I expect to eventually see the other characters as well.

What I found so enjoyable was that this book is written somewhat like a serialized story. It’s quick, exciting, with easily connectable characters and a plot that will flow into the next story and couple’s lives.

There’s not quite a cliffhanger but an overall plot that’s constantly addressed by multiple sources. It’s viewed as a historical event by the wolf and paranormal investigators. Can a group of outcasts, gay shifters, form a pack and be recognized by all other lawful paranormal groups and be given a territory of their own.

The first story, much like the rest, is about 130 pages. So a fast read. The relationship between paramedic Con Albury and future Alpha Zach Ellis progresses quickly but in a way that draws the reader into their problems. Primarily the old homophobia that’s been going on in their packs that’s threatening their lives and that of all gay shifters.

I was through the romance before I knew it and it ended abruptly. Much like a serial would.

The next picks up the drama and key points and takes everything smartly forward.

Honestly, it’s paranormal romance popcorn in the best possible way. I went through them all and was so happy with them.

That’s why I’m recommending you do the same.

Outcast Pack:

Wolf Heart #1

Wolf Blood #2

Wolf Soul #3

Wolf Mate #4

Wolf Lust #5

Goodreads › showWolf Heart (Outcast Pack, #1) by T.J. Nichols


They belong to rival wolf packs…so why can’t they keep their hands off each other?

Paramedic Con Albury loves nothing more than spending his time off either as a wolf or at night clubs. He’s always looking for a good time, and he usually finds it. While he has aligned himself with the Outcast Pack for protection, he tells himself he prefers to be alone.

Zach Ellis has spent his life preparing to take over the pack just like everyone expects. Pack and family come first. But he needs more than duty and giving into temptation and falling into Con’s bed is easier than it should be.

But the fallout will threaten everything the Outcast Pack stands for: freedom and found family.

Discover the Outcast Pack mm paranormal wolf shifter romance series. Join the wolves as they fight to make their pack official and fall in love along the way. Each book has a new couple and a HEA with no cliffhangers and no mpreg.

Wolf Heart is a steamy, gay, enemies to lovers romance between rival wolf shifters.

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