Review: Wolf Blood (Outcast Pack, #2) by T. J. Nichols

Rating: 4🌈

At 124 pages, Wolf Blood is an exciting, engaging paranormal romance. It’s a quick read with all the books in this series flowing pretty seamlessly from one to the next.

If you’re a fan of Nichols’ Familiar Mates and Mythos series, then you will have a good understanding of the universe Outcast Pack is located in as they are all connected.

Drew Preston’s relationship troubles with his ex, the human River Yates, was mentioned in the other story. As it’s illegal for humans to be told of the paranormal world, it’s no wonder they had issues.

Here we find out they have far more serious problems then they know of .

Nichols does a good job in supplying the background information about the paranormal world that’s the basis for three series for those new to the universe. It’s not a layered story but it gets the job done.

The limited amount of length makes the story rock along and the fighting and high drama is over quickly. But not the enormous ramifications. Those are sliding into the next stage in Wolf Soul.

As I said prior, these wonderful characters and entertaining quickly told romances flow by with the high energy of a terrific serialized romance adventure. That’s the spirit in which I’m reading them.

And recommending them.

Read them in the order that they were written.

Outcast Pack:

✓ Wolf Heart #1

✓ Wolf Blood #2

✓ Wolf Soul #3

◦ Wolf Mate #4

◦ Wolf Lust #5

Wolf Blood: mm second chance wolf shifter romance (Outcast Pack Book 2)

When both of them are keeping dangerous secrets, will their romance get a second chance or will there be too much spilled blood between them?

River Yates always thought his grandmother’s tales about shifters and witches living among them to be just stories. Until his ex, Drew Preston, showed up at his door naked and bloodied and in need of help.

After being attacked by wolves determined to tear apart the fledgling Outcast Pack, Drew did the only thing he could: shift and run. The nearest place he might find refuge is River’s house. But his ex is human, and when River accused him of cheating, he ripped out Drew’s heart.

While River wasn’t wrong about Drew keeping secrets, how could he tell a human what he is?

When a hunter arrives to kill the shifters that have been making trouble, River is forced to confront the truth not only about Drew but also his own family. Once again, he’ll be picking up weapons and facing off against his grandmother, but this time, it isn’t a training exercise.

Discover the Outcast Pack mm paranormal wolf shifter romance series. Join the wolves as they fight to make their pack official and fall in love along the way. Each book has a new couple and a HEA with no cliffhangers and no mpreg.

Wolf Blood is a steamy, angsty, second chance romance between a hunter and shifter.

By Scattered Thoughts

At over 50, I am ruled by my terriers, my gardens, and my projects. A knack for grubbing about in the woods, making mud pies, and tending to the injured worms, bugs, and occasional bird and turtle growing up eventually led me to working for the Parks. I was a park Naturalist for over 20 years, and observing Nature and her cycles still occupy my hours. From the arrival of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in the Spring to the first call of the Snow Geese heading south in the Fall, I am entranced by the seasons. For more about me see my bio on my blog.

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