An Alisa Eeview: Forbidden Omega (Omegas Book 1) by Caitlin Ricci


Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5


Logan is worried about his mate, Sebastian. For months now Sebastian hasn’t been sleeping well, is barely eating, and is becoming increasingly distant. Logan has no idea what’s wrong with him, but his last hope is to bring an omega into their home. It’s an unconventional choice, but Logan will do anything to help Sebastian.


Logan’s uncle, an alpha who lives a few hours away, has an omega who isn’t fitting in well with his large pack. Connor isn’t good in crowds and he’s lost in Allen’s pack. When Logan offers him a new life with just the two of them, he wants the change, but he’s not sure what to expect.


Life with Logan and Sebastian is quiet and Connor loves seeing the two of them together. As he grows closer to them both, Connor knows he’ll do anything to help the two of them mend their relationship. And, slowly, that relationship begins to include him as well.


This was an interesting concept for how wolf shifters live and mate, unfortunately I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I mean seriously in order for Sebastian to tell Logan how he was feeling it took a Connor coming and staying for a whole two days for them to work everything out, which was completely unrealistic.


I wasn’t able to connect with these characters or their thought processes, it was all about what they wanted and after so much resistance Sebastian had a complete change of heart and wanted to bring Connor back to them.  It just didn’t add up for me.


The cover art by Martine Jardin is nice and gives visuals of the characters.


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Book Details:

ebook, 90 pages

Published: November 1, 2019 by eXtasy Books

ISBN: 978-1-4874-2715-3

Edition Language: English

Series: Omegas #1

A Barb the Zany Old Lady Audiobook Review: The Alpha Prince (Kingdom of Askara #3) by Victoria Sue and Michael Pauley (Narrator)


Rating: 5 stars out of 5

This author has become a must buy for me. Between her two series, both of which I’ve been reading and listening to on audiobook, I’m amazed at her fantastic world-building and creativity.

In this installment of the Kingdom of Askara, we meet a colony of hybrid wolves headed by a wolf named Justice, who has sworn to lead his people to a better life than the desolate barren existence they lead in the Askaran desert. When he learns that Darius, the Alpha of Solonara, plans to hold a contest to award the hand of his son, Cashel, in marriage, Justice sees this as his way to his pack’s freedom.

None of the gathering community of wolves knows of the cruel treatment that Cashel has suffered for years at his father’s hand. When Darius failed to conceive another male heir—an alpha male heir—he began medical experiments on his omega son Cashel to implant a uterus so that Darius would at least have an heir through Cashel. He’s obsessed with his lineage and will do whatever it takes to subjugate not only Cashel but the gamma and beta wolves he commands.

It doesn’t take long for Justice to ascertain just how bad Darius is, and he prepares his forces to take over the pack so his people can move in. But it only takes one meeting with Cashel for Justice’s world to turn topsy-turvy when he realizes Cashel is his soul mate, and his plans need to be amended to protect the beautiful young man.

I loved Michael Pauley’s narration, and that’s saying a lot, because he took over this series from one of my all-time favorite narrators. I wasn’t disappointed at all. The pace of these stories is fast, the plots intriguing, the narration outstanding, and the characters are endearing. What more could I want for entertainment?

Justice and Cashel find their way to a HEA but it’s a hard-fought battle to get there. Along the way, the supporting characters are terrific and the subplot is sweet. Picture a baby in that HEA, and you know a bit of what I mean. Very highly recommended.


The cover depicts a historical city done in a shade of light blue, surrounded by an edging of darker green. Very simple and bright but not one that would normally attract my attention among the multitude of choices of MM romance bookcovers.

Sales Links:  Amazon | Audible

Audiobook Details:

Listening Length: 7 hours and 47 minutes
Program Type: Audiobook
Version: Unabridged
Publisher: Victoria Sue Release Date: July 11, 2018
Whispersync for Voice: Ready
Language: English

A Stella Review: Three Hearts by Grace R. Duncan


RATING 2,5 out of 5 stars

Liam Scott is sick. That’s not supposed to be possible. As a wolf shifter, he’s supposed to be able to heal. The omega gene he was born with means he’s capable of carrying shifter young and Liam is worried that whatever is wrong will mean his one-day hope of having pups will be dashed. But despite the fears keeping him away from the doctor until now, he knows he needs to go.

It turns out the sickness is temporary, but the treatment causes a whole other problem.

Mason’s alpha gene means he’s one of very few wolves who can impregnate an omega male. For two years, he’d been watching Liam, but things kept getting in the way. When Liam shows up in heat, Mason recognizes the opportunity he needs and doesn’t hesitate make to Liam his mate and the father of his pups.

But Liam has old wounds and fears to work through which the pregnancy is only making worse, and Mason isn’t sure how to get past them to show he’s serious about making a life together as loving mates. It’s not until a female wolf decides Mason should be hers that Liam makes his biggest worry known—and Mason can finally put the fears to rest.

I was very enthusiastic to read this new release by Grace R Duncan, I’m a fan of male pregnancy stories and I jumped at the chance at having this book on my hands.

While I love the theme and the general idea of Three Hearts, I have to say I had a couple of problems with it: first of all, too many sex scenes that almost put me off at the start and although I forced myself to go on, it changed nothing. It was a succession of hot, steamy sex, I could enjoyed it some but it was a little too much and too repetitive. And this is the adjective I had on my mind through all the story. Repetitive, and boring too. The chapters told me always the same thing. I followed Mason and Liam through the pregnancy, the causes, the cravings, the delivery, and some scenes were really cute, others made me smile, and I loved all the secondary characters, well defined and all of them positive persons. Being a huge fan of mm stories with children in them, I would have preferred more pages on the MCs and their huge family, where at the end I got very few words about what happened after. I appreciated how the author explained in detail how the male preg functioned, the parts often ignored or just drafted in books I previously read, here were well described and gave almost reality to the male preg.

Three Hearts to me fell a little short, too simplistic, full of sex and attraction and with no romance at all. In my opinion it could have worked better if it had been shorter, more than 200 pages was definitely too much considering the author chose to focus all the story on the pregnancy. It dragged and left me dubious and unsatisfied.

The cover art by Jess Small is nice but not very eye catching.

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Kindle Edition, 214 pages

Published March 3rd 2017


Edition Language English

B.A. Tortuga Talks the Origin of Stories and her release ‘Just Like Cats and Dogs (Sanctuary Book 1)’ by Ba Tortuga



Just Like Cats and Dogs (Sanctuary Book 1) by Ba Tortuga
reamspinner Press

Published January 25th 2017
Cover art by Alexandria Corza

Sales Links: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | B&N

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is happy to host one of our favorite authors here today.  B.A. Tortuga is here to talk about her latest release, Just Like Cats and Dogs. Welcome, B.A. Tortuga!


Origin Stories by B.A. Tortuga

Hey, y’all! I’m BA Tortuga, resident redneck and lover of stories.

One of the questions I get a lot is where stories come from. How did I get this idea or that idea?

For instance, Just Like Cats and Dogs. I’d like to be all meta and deep and shit and give you some overblown nonsense about how I was exploring bullying and feeling like an outcast.

It would be a lie. Seriously.

How did I get the idea for Sam and Gus?

My wife and I were walking my 14 year old pitbull, Miss Lily, one day. Now this dog weighed 100 pounds, was in the throes of congestive heart failure and she was GRUMPY.

Did I mention she hated cats with an unreasoning passion?


So, I’m walking her, we’re chatting and suddenly she takes off like a freight train and hauls her ass into a bush.

With a cat.

A demon cat who proceeded to hand Lily’s ASS to her.

So, after we made sure the cat was okay, we took Lily home to doctor her. I took at my wife and said, “What if there was this kitty shifter guy…”

At that point, it was all over but the crying. 😉

See? Deep?

Much love, y’all.




A Sanctuary Novel

Can cats and dogs ever get along, let alone fall in love?

Sam knows you can never go home again. As an orphaned feline shifter raised by wolves, being an outcast is nothing new to him. But the pack is still his family, and when one of them passes away, Sam returns to the New Mexico desert to say good-bye.

Gus is a loner who rarely returns to his pack, but as fate would have it, Sam is there when he chooses to visit. The history between Gus and Sam is tumultuous, to say the least, but when Gus gets an eyeful of the grown-up and gorgeous version of his childhood bully, he can’t control his reaction. And he isn’t alone.

The attraction is powerful, but so are their differences. And with trouble brewing in the pack and danger surrounding them, Sam and Gus might not have the opportunity to seek common ground.

This action-packed shifter novel is the ultimate opposites attract and enemies-to-lovers romance, and it includes a bonus novella, In the Dog House.

First Edition published by Torquere Press, 2011.


About BA Tortuga

Texan to the bone and an unrepentant Daddy’s Girl, BA Tortuga spends her days with her basset hounds and her beloved wife, texting her sisters, and eating Mexican food. When she’s not doing that, she’s writing. She spends her days off watching rodeo, knitting and surfing Pinterest in the name of research. BA’s personal saviors include her wife, Julia Talbot, her best friend, Sean Michael, and coffee. Lots of coffee. Really good coffee.

Having written everything from fist-fighting rednecks to hard-core cowboys to werewolves, BA does her damnedest to tell the stories of her heart, which was raised in Northeast Texas, but has heard the call of the  high desert and lives in the Sandias. With books ranging from hard-hitting GLBT romance, to fiery menages, to the most traditional of love stories, BA refuses to be pigeon-holed by anyone but the voices in her head. Find her on the web at

An Alisa Release Day Review: Just Like Cats and Dogs (Sanctuary #1) by B.A. Tortuga


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


just-like-cats-and-dogsCan cats and dogs ever get along, let alone fall in love?


Sam knows you can never go home again. As an orphaned feline shifter raised by wolves, being an outcast is nothing new to him. But the pack is still his family, and when one of them passes away, Sam returns to the New Mexico desert to say good-bye.


Gus is a loner who rarely returns to his pack, but as fate would have it, Sam is there when he chooses to visit. The history between Gus and Sam is tumultuous, to say the least, but when Gus gets an eyeful of the grown-up and gorgeous version of his childhood bully, he can’t control his reaction. And he isn’t alone.


The attraction is powerful, but so are their differences. And with trouble brewing in the pack and danger surrounding them, Sam and Gus might not have the opportunity to seek common ground.


This action-packed shifter novel is the ultimate opposites attract and enemies-to-lovers romance, and it includes a bonus novella, In the Dog House.


This was a great story.  Gus feels a connection to Sam when he sees him again and even stands up for him against the pack when he thinks it is necessary.  When they see each other a few months later it impossible to miss how strong a connection they have to each other.


Unfortunately Sam and Gus have always been loners and don’t know how to communicate well, which causes a few misunderstandings when they are first together.  Gus and Sam both want reassurance from the other, but aren’t comfortable saying it and end up saying or doing the wrong thing.  The love these two have for each other one they open up is a wonderful thing, both willing to give up everything for the other.


We get to see both of these character’s points of view which helps understand what they are thinking even if they aren’t quite following it with their actions.  The mate bond in this story is a bit different than the claiming bite during sex and it done.  Both characters have to work and focus on their relationship for the bond to fully form and grow, I loved how this worked for the characters.  The novella, In the Dog House, is great and gives us a look at Gus and Sam down the road.  It also brings in a new character that seems to be important to the next book in the series and I can’t wait to read more about this new pack.


Cover art by Alexandria Corza great and I love the visuals of Sam and Gus, both in human and animal form.


Sales Links: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | B&N


Book Details:

ebook, 206 pages

Published: 2nd Edition, January 25, 2017 by Dreamspinner Press

ISBN-13: 9781635332988

Edition Language: English

Series: Sanctuary #1

A Jeri Review: Wolf, in League (Wolf #3) by A.F. Henley


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

3135820wolf-in-league-wolf-3-by-a-f-henley7I really enjoyed Wolf, WY, the first in the series. If was really focused on just 2 men for the most part, and their story. I looked forward to book 2, Wolf, en Garde, but was mildly disappointed. But I held out hope that book 2 was a bridge to book 3. And it was. On the other hand, you could pretty much read this book as a stand alone if you wanted to.

Wolf, in League, really expands the world that the story is in. The Committee is investigating not only the wolves from the first two books, but also Arius and other vampires. To do this, they send two men to act as a married couple. When the Committee goes to Gavin- a respected geneticist- about this, Gavin also learns that paranormal creatures are real. And he is to live with one of them during this ruse.

Naturally, throw the two main characters together and there are sparks flying. But the characters were interesting and well thought out. And they discover far more sinister things at work in the paranormal world. Gavin and Matthew are thrust into the middle of everything to help save, well, everything.

An interesting and enjoyable story that was fast paced that leaves the possibility of another book- or series- out there.

Cover art works for the book and series.

Sales Links

Less Than Three Press


Book Details:

Published October 12th 2016 by Less Than Three Press
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesWolf #3

In the Supernatural Spotlight: A King and a Pawn (Leader Murders #3) by Liv Olteano



A King and a Pawn by Liv Olteano
Series: Leader Murders
Release Date: June 17, 2016

Goodreads Link
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: AngstyG


Bert Cooper’s life used to be great, until his sister turned out to be a traitor. Now Bert feels the whole pack looks on him with doubt and suspicion. To prove his loyalty, he volunteers to be the first ambassador at Fey Court, gathering information to finally solve the Leader Murders and punish those plotting against the Council and community. At least, that was the plan….

When Bert meets Sir William Matthew Sims, Court Interrogator, and one hell of a sexy man, life becomes a balancing act. And when the Fey King is assassinated, things become really messy.

Pack politics, fey politics, treason, suspicions of treason…. Bert has to choose between being ruled by his fears or standing up for what—and who—he believes in. And it might just break his heart.


Pages or Words: 234 pages, 82,000 words

Categories: Contemporary, M/M Romance, Mystery, Parnormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy, Wolf Shifters

Excerpt from A King and a Pawn by Liv Olteano:

“Would you take me in as a trophy, Bert?” he asked, smiling oddly, a sort of indulgent look in his eyes.

I wasn’t going to outsmart him, that was for sure. Luckily I didn’t think I had to.

“I wouldn’t be taking you in at all. You and your kids would simply accompany me. I’m sure you can find something of value to offer me so I’ll be willing to go that way. And then you’d find something of value to offer Weiss and the Council to give you guys, say, political asylum?”

“You’ve thought of everything, haven’t you?”

I shrugged. “I’m sure you did. I don’t think you’re a fool, Will. I’m sure you’re not, in fact. So I’m giving you the courtesy of not treating you as one. A courtesy I hope you’ll give me too.”

“Implying that I have not so far?” he asked, stepping toward me again.

My pulse spiked. “I wasn’t implying that at all.”

We were face-to-face, a step apart at most. My mind stuttered over the few stray thoughts I managed to recognize. It was unusual someone’s presence would affect me this much, this soon. Was he that special? Was our chemistry that special? Or was he using some sort of spell on me? I didn’t think that was beneath him. Magic wasn’t beneath any magic-wielding fey, just like changing into a wolf wasn’t beneath me as werewolf. It was a natural part of who we were. I just wasn’t that used to his natural part, and the very idea made me smile.

“What could I offer you that you’d like to have?” he asked as his breath touched my face with every word he uttered.

“Oh, I could think of several things,” I replied.

He leaned toward me. His lips brushed against mine now when he spoke. “I could think of several things I’d like to offer you as well.”

I gulped. Shit, I couldn’t think with my dick. Not now at least. I so wanted to. It would be so easy to whisper it sweetly: “Fuck my brains out and I’ll be on your side.” But I wasn’t here for shits and giggles, so I couldn’t. There was no reason I couldn’t hope I’d get a fuck out of the situation somewhere down the line. The more time we spent together, the better chance of that happening. That was pretty solid motivation to spin things in a way that would benefit us all in the end. There. I wasn’t doing this for my selfish fuck-greedy self but for the greater good. I was a fucking humanitarian, feyitarian, whateveritarian.

“I’ll only ask for one small thing for myself,” I whispered softly.

He brushed his lips against mine. The touch sent little fiery thrills down my nerve endings, from the skin of my lips right to the pulsing muscle of my heart. I felt his breath hitch at the contact, and the idea it might affect him almost as much as it was affecting me sent a shiver down my spine. We could have been faking it, both of us. This was a negotiation of sorts, and now was the time to bring on our top game. But I felt it in my gut that this connection was real, that it wasn’t bullshit for either one of us. I just knew it in the pit of my stomach. I wondered if he knew it too, as clearly as I did right in that instant.

His scent didn’t assault my senses since he’d been hanging out in my personal space for a while now. My senses were bathed in his scent already. But I could feel the pounding of his heart as I deepened the kiss; I could feel his muscles clench and unwind with sensual tension while my body sang with it. Fuck me sideways, I wanted him right now. I wanted him so bad it almost gutted me. The feel of him languidly moving his tongue against mine made my blood turn into liquid fire, scalding my insides and bringing up my body temperature to heights I didn’t think I’d felt before after just kissing. Everything in my body screamed, This. This is it. This is what you’ve been waiting for, for so fucking long!

“What do you want?” he asked after he pulled back, his forehead leaning against mine.

Fuck, fuck it, fuck! “I want all the information you can get from the Archives on a certain topic.”


Buy the book:





Meet the author:

Liv Olteano is a voracious reader, music lover, and coffee addict extraordinaire. And occasional geek. Okay, more than occasional.

She believes stories are the best kind of magic there is. And life would be horrible without magic. Her hobbies include losing herself in the minds and souls of characters, giving up countless nights of sleep to get to know said characters, and trying to introduce them to the world. Sometimes they appreciate her efforts. The process would probably go quicker if they’d bring her a cup of coffee now and then when stopping by. Characters—what can you do, right?

Liv has a penchant for quirky stories and is a reverent lover of diversity. She can be found loitering around the Internet at odd hours and being generally awkward and goofy at all times.

Where to find the author:


Tour Dates & Stops:


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Cover Reveal for Acceptance (Forbes Mates Book 3) By Grace R. Duncan (cover reveal,excerpt and giveaway)





(Forbes Mates Book 3)


By Grace R. Duncan

Dr. Miles Grant acknowledges that his destined mate could be either gender even though his bisexuality cost him his family and his pack. Luckily he found the Forbes Pack, who happily accept him just as he is. What he never counted on was finding his mate in Pittsburgh or for his mate to be another species entirely—a cat!

Quincy Archer isn’t just any jaguar shifter. He is the heir to the leadership of his pride. Destined mates are nothing but legend to the nearly extinct and generally solitary jaguars, and Quincy certainly never expected to find one for himself, much less a male… or a wolf.

However, finding each other and coming to terms with their species is the least of their worries. Quincy is expected to select a proper female mate, father a cub, and take his place as heir to the pride. Except Quincy refuses, having no interest in women or leadership and knowing he isn’t right for it. But his father will stop at nothing—not even attempting to kill Miles—to get his way. Quincy and Miles must overcome many obstacles to stay together as the destined mates they’re meant to be.


Preorder – June 8, 2016


Dreamspinner PresseBook & Paperback

Release date – July 8, 2016



Miles flopped down on the end of the couch in the tiny break room and rested his head on the back. His eyes closed on their own before he could tell them to. He didn’t have long—maybe twenty, if he was lucky.

He was seriously regretting taking on so many shifts. But he’d been missing Quincy and needed something to occupy his mind, to distract him. It was ridiculous, he knew that; they’d met twice. But they were mates, destined, and their bond had already started forming. His wolf had been driving him crazy, pushing him to try to find Quincy and mate.

The problem was, whether he liked it or not, he didn’t doubt for a moment Quincy spoke the truth about why they couldn’t be together yet. He’d talked to Chad and Jamie a little and got the gist of the problems Quincy was having, though Chad wasn’t in good enough shape to do much talking yet. He was still recovering from the change, still learning how to filter sounds and light, still learning how to be a wolf.

But Miles’s wolf didn’t understand, didn’t give a shit about any of that. In fact, he was pushing Miles to protect Quincy, which was more than a little laughable. He’d been truthful—he wasn’t afraid of a cat—but he had no knowledge whatsoever of the jaguar world. It still killed him that Diana had given him a cat. He’d been ready for his mate to be either male or female; he would have been content with either, even if his family and former pack had other ideas about that. But no, he had to get a different species altogether.

And a species he didn’t know a damned thing about. He didn’t know how far someone like Quincy’s father would go to get his way. And Miles was a healer, not a fighter. He could fight—all shifters learned how—but that didn’t mean he relished it, so he wasn’t as good as most others.

He needed to see Quincy again, even for a little while. He could appease his wolf a little, make himself feel a little better, and maybe find some patience to wait more.

Quincy had sent a few messages since he’d seen his mate last—in the emergency room waiting area two months ago—mostly texts and a couple of e-mails to let Miles know he was still alive and still in hiding. They’d exchanged little bits about each other, but Quincy hadn’t wanted to say a lot lest it was intercepted. It wasn’t much, but at least knowing Quincy was okay helped keep Miles from going completely insane. He’d like to think he’d know if Quincy was killed, but he wasn’t sure how far their thin bond went, for something like that. When he’d asked Chad how Quincy had gotten his contact information since he’d never had a chance to give it, Chad had told Miles not to wonder about it. But Miles knew at least part of what Quincy did and wasn’t worried. He didn’t think for a moment Quincy would use it against him.

The last two months had been pure hell. He had no idea how Tanner had managed to keep Finley at arm’s length for two years. Granted, they’d been able to date, hang out together, that sort of thing, and he hadn’t so much as glimpsed Quincy in two months.

So he’d spent most of it working. A few times he’d been told point-blank to go home, that he’d been working too much. Whether he’d liked it or not, they’d been right. He’d been so tired he’d barely been standing. But after getting a few hours’ sleep—filled with some very vivid dreams of Quincy—he’d needed to do something.

Since he couldn’t go back to work, he decided to do the other thing he was good at: learn. He’d gone down to the Carnegie Library in Oakland and begun reading up on all things Ancient Egypt, starting with Bastet. He had no idea how much of it was accurate to the jaguars and how much was pure myth, but he figured having a basis to start from wouldn’t hurt.

Miles sighed and sat up again, eyeing the coffee machine in the corner. It was clear he wasn’t going to get any sleep, so he might as well get going the only other way he could. But as he stood and turned to the counter, he got hit with a huge tangle of emotion that wasn’t his. Anger seemed the primary emotion, though there was fear mixed in. And pain. Too much pain.


Miles raced out of the room, not thinking about how it would look—not thinking much at all. If Quincy was close, something was very, very wrong.

Just as he rounded the corner near the ambulance entrance, one of the nurses ran up to meet him. “Dr. Grant! Your pa—”

“Partner,” Miles interrupted, then stopped himself when the nurse simply blinked at him. He’d never told them about a partner—because he hadn’t actually had one, as far as he knew—but he’d deal with that later. “A friend called me,” he said, thinking quickly.

“Oh. Okay. They’re bringing him in now.”

“Thanks. How bad is it?”

Just then the doors opened and the paramedics pushed Quincy in on a stretcher. He was naked except for a sheet, his normally pale skin way too light. He had long gashes on his chest and stomach, but the rest was covered by the sheet. It looked like the scratches—probably caused by shifter claws, if he was any judge—had already started healing, though plenty more still looked wrong with him.

Miles had to take a quick breath, then a second as Quincy’s scent hit him hard—the hint of graphite and paper that overlaid a sweetness incongruent to Quincy’s outer personality. Miles had to shove hard on his wolf. He wanted out and wanted to go after whatever or whoever hurt their mate. Not now. We’ll help our mate, but not now.

With another breath through his mouth, he went into professional mode, falling back on his training and knowledge so he could make sure Quincy healed properly and didn’t raise too many eyebrows in the process.

* * *

Title: Acceptance

Author: Grace R. Duncan

Published: Dreamspinner Press

Genre: M/M Paranormal

Release date: July 8, 2016

If you haven’t read it yet, now would be a great time to check out the Forbes Mates series. Find out more about Devotion (Tanner and Finley’s story) and Patience (Chad and Jamie’s story) here:


About Grace

grace_nohateGrace Duncan grew up with a wild imagination. She told stories from an early age – many of which got her into trouble. Eventually, she learned to channel that imagination into less troublesome areas, including fanfiction, which is what has led her to writing male/male erotica.

A gypsy in her own right, Grace has lived all over the United States. She has currently set up camp in East Texas with her husband and children – both the human and furry kind.

As one of those rare creatures who loves research, Grace can get lost for hours on the internet, reading up on any number of strange and different topics. She can also be found writing fanfiction, reading fantasy, crime, suspense, romance and other erotica or even dabbling in art.

Find Grace here:

Website FacebookTwitterYoutubeGoodreads

A Paul B Review: Second Alpha (River Wolf Pack #2) by Rebecca James


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Second AlphaDavid is the second in command of the River Wolf Pack.  After his fathers were killed by humans, David is wary of the human world.  This begins to change of the pack alpha River mates with the half human Josiah.  At River’s request, David goes as the pack’s representative to the Human-Werewolf Congress.  There he meets Jax, one of the humans at the Congress.

Jax believes humans and weres are really more alike than dissimilar.  The myths that have been circulated in the human world about weres are just that, he knows.  He also finds the River Pack representative irresistible.  He has been splitting his time between the city and the wolf compound in order to be with David.   When David pursues moving their relationship to the next level and changing Jax into a werewolf, Jax is hesitant.

The River Wolf Pack receives human representatives from the Congress into the compound.  While some are there to learn, others seem to be trying to confirm their own beliefs about werewolves.  Trent, one of the humans, takes shine to Xavier, one of the alpha wolves.  When Xavier claims Trent as his mate, changing him into a werewolf, Jax is appalled.  He blames Xavier for turning Trent into a monster.  David is saddened his lover has expressed this view and decides that they need to break up.  A couple of weeks later, David must go back to the city for the next round of talks at the Congress and face Jax.  However, plans have been set in motion that may cost not only any possible future with Jax but also David’s life.

The second book in Rebecca James’s River Wolf Pack series picks up shortly after the first book.  The uneasiness between weres and humans is again central to the action of the story.  An added danger comes in the form of the Turned, the feral weres who are mostly to blame for the violence against humans.

The relationship between David and Jax seems to grow but is constrained by the values of different cultures.  David still isn’t sure about humans completely but finds Jax as one of the honorable ones until what happened with Trent.  Jax is not sure he wants to go through the process of becoming a werewolf and fully committing to David because of how his family will react.  By the end of the book, they seem to have reached a happy place for the time being.  The duplicity of some members of the Congress and the birth of Josiah’s twins will have implications for further books in the series, I am sure.  I look forward to seeing it play out.

The cover design by Written Ink designs is pleasant enough for the book.  It depicts Jax shirtless with David’s white wolf in the background, both overlooking a city.

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Book Details

ebook, 140 pages
Published April 10th 2016 by Smashwords Edition
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesRiver Wolf Pack #2

Series:  River Wolf Pack

A Lila Review: Werewolves of Chernobyl by K.A. Merikan and L.A. Witt


Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

Werewolves of ChernobylQuinn is a travel blogger in search of the next great story. He specializes in finding the big shot and news no other blogger would post. During his trip to Chernobyl, he enters the exclusion zone he had been ordered to stay away by the armed tour guides. As he explores, he found one of the animals he had been warned about, but he realizes there’s more behind his findings.

Dima is the werewolf Quinn meets. During their brief encounter, Dima gets mesmerized by Quinn and wants to make him his. Unfortunately, they don’t have an effective way to communicate even when Dima understands Quinn. After the guides come to Quinn’s rescue, Dima runs home to find his best friend, Nazar.

Nazar has been Dima’s protector since they were pups. He would do anything to make him happy, including rescuing Dima’s new craving. Nazar and Dima have a deep connection that gets tested by Quinn’s arrival and pack dynamics. It would be up to the three of them to find their place in each other’s life.

Werewolves of Chernobyl isn’t your typical werewolves’ story, nor, the story I expected. There’s no fated mate, fairytale-like forests, or ruling alpha male claiming the main character. Instead, we get a human MC, a werewolf soldier, and the lowest werewolf in the hierarchy. And all these made for a refreshing take on a well-known troupe.

It’s amazing to see how three authors can work in one single story without making it obvious. The pacing, flow, and characterizations were executed flawlessly. Each main character has a solid backstory, and their personalities are unique. Together, they balanced their relationship and their future.

The story incorporates historical events to a paranormal world without resting importance to them. The authors were versed on the facts surrounding the Chernobyl disaster and the previous and current state of the surrounding areas and countries. It’s easy to see the story from the characters perspective and to understand the settings.

Even when the story was well-crafted, smexy, and interesting enough to keep reading, it lacks complexity. Everything that happens to the characters is simply a background. It doesn’t interfere directly with their daily events or the final outcome. More than a story about the possibility of werewolves in Chernobyl, it’s a story about how to adjust to the ins and outs of a polyamorous relationship.

It’s not about romance or a thriller. Overall, this story is about three “men” figuring out a long term relationship.

The cover by Natasha Snow portraits Quinn in the dark woods of the Chernobyl exclusion zone. But doesn’t provide any more details.

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Book Details:

ebook, 214 pages
Published: May 5, 2016, by Wing & Fang Press
Edition Language: English