Review: Scout (Chosen Champions Book 4) by Macy Blake

Rating: 4🌈

Chosen Champions exists within Macy Blake’s extended and ever expanding Chosen universe. Consisting of five book’s total when complete, Scout’s story is full of revelations about the series mysteries, the characters, and pushes everything forward towards the series finale coming in book five.

The Chosen Champions is one of my favorites among a group of connected series. The characters are strong and interesting, and come with well developed personalities and backgrounds. Scout is a wolf shifter we’ve followed from the very beginning when he and his siblings were rescued and adopted by Sam and Alpha Vaughan Jerrick (Sweet Nothings). Readers have watched through many stories, as Scout and his other 5 siblings grew up, establishing themselves as strong pack members and individually memorable characters .

Scout has achieved special status as being the only one to have become a part of two packs. One his family pack with his dads and now the Chosen Champion pack with Logan as a Alpha.

He’s so easy to connect with because if you’ve read any of the books in this universe, you’ve heard or are already aware of Scout. Maybe are very fond of him.

Coal Volsunga is a dragon and teammate of Scout’s. Both characters are connected to The Chosen by way of marriage through Henry (on Scout’s side) who is married to Draco, Coal’s cousin. It’s all very complicated and intertwined.

There’s strong repressed sexual tension happening between Coal and Scout that neither feel can be acted on, until , of course, they do.

Blake writes a terrific chemistry laden romance for Coal and Scout. It helps believe in them when they slide quickly into a new maté relationship.

There’s a overall arc mystery here that now narrows the focus on who the big mastermind is behind the attacks on the Champions and other weres.

A FYI trigger warning, there’s a torture scene and mention of previous kidnappings that happened as children.

The story is full of suspense and horror as Blake heads the series towards the final book to come.

I found this excellent and the romance engaging with all the family members and allies involved in the events and subsequent fallout.

Plus Ben. Ben is just being so extraordinary and showing off such growth in terms of personality development.

This isn’t a story to come at cold. A reader needs the knowledge of the previous storylines as well as a good understanding of The Chosen One universe to fully grasp the events that are happening here.

If you have such a background, then you will love the book. And more importantly the series. I do and I do.

And can’t wait for the final book to be released.

Chosen Champions:

✓ Logan #1

✓ Gideon #2

✓ Jamal #3

✓ Aleron #4

✓ Scout #5

◦ Oracle #6 – Feb 22, 2024

Scout: Chosen Champions Book Four



Coal Volsunga is a dragon convinced he’s better off alone…

As alone as a dragon who is part of a pack can be, that is. Although he loves the work, his feelings are starting to get involved, especially for a wolf entirely too involved with pack life for a loner like Coal.

Jack “Scout” Jerrick is a wolf with two packs, but only one heart…

Dividing his time between his father’s pack and his new one hasn’t been an issue for Scout. He’s learning to protect the secrets of the shifter world and the innocents involved in a dangerous war over magic and power. But when he develops feelings for the cantankerous dragon in his new pack, things begin to get a whole lot more complicated.

After Scout is kidnapped by the mysterious threat hunting their pack, Coal realizes being alone isn’t his life’s mission after all. If he and Scout are able to survive, they must

…put aside their preconceived notions and work together to save their pack,

…learn to love and heal when nothing is as it seems,

…and realize when it comes to being mates, there’s nothing they won’t do to save each other.

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