Review: No Accident At Abergwyn (Tudor and Stewart Cosy Mystery Book 1) by Ripley Hayes

Rating: 4.25🌈

What a delightful find! New to me author! Small village Welsh location, with all that entails. And it’s a cosy mystery.

That means the following elements. Busybody main characters, small community’s over abundance of gossip and intrigue, a murder or more , a romance however slow to build, and animals. A dog, cat, or in this story a charming dog and a horse!

Both of those belong to a bit of a magical man, Lorne Stewart, who along with Enzo the horse and Charlie the dog, have invaded the quiet village of Abergwyn, and settled into his field, and started baking his acceptance into the villagers hearts.

Recently returned home to Abergwyn is Peter Tudor. Once a A&E nurse but now a rural district nurse in order to return home to live with his disabled mother, diagnosed with MS. A mother who decidedly needs less help from Peter than he realizes.

The mother/son relationship is real, warm, and loving. Peter almost blindly not accepting the truth of the degree his mother is able to do on her own. The strong support system in place from neighbors and friends he’s been unaware of away from home.

Peter’s situation too is believable. He’s suffering from leaving a position and type of ER job he thrived in to go to one where his skills are wasted and he’s feeling cut off from others and maybe even depressed.

Hayes’ realistically, and with gentle humor and care, builds up her foundation and the personalities of the people who will make up the series and the stories we will invest our time in.

I was entertained, really got into the village life and people, and saw the start of the romance that will build.

I thought it ended abruptly. The villain was caught but there was still questions left over for the next book to dive into. Plus personally, Peter has much to ponder at the end.

I’m thrilled to find this author and new cosies to read. Definitely a recommendation! Plus great covers!

Tudor and Stewart Cosy Mystery series:

✓ No Accident at Abergwyn #1

◦ No Friends at Abergwyn #2

◦ Murder Without Magic #3

Buy Link:

No Accident at Abergwyn : Tudor and Stewart Cosy Mystery 1 (Tudor and Stewart Abergwyn Mysteries)


Meet Peter Tudor. Nurse. Gay. Twenty-nine years old…and living with his disabled mother in the village where he grew up.

Only, it’s not that simple. His mother doesn’t really need his help. Peter’s given up the job he loves to move ‘home’ so now he’s drowning his sorrows in gin and cake. It doesn’t help that his schoolboy crush is still around, working for the police and handsomer than ever.

With the big birthday coming up, it’s time to take action. It’s on with the running shoes and onto the beach … where there is a fabulous sunrise. There’s also a dead body, and a man with a horse.

Publisher: cabins and mystery

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