Review: No Friends At Abergwyn (Tudor and Stewart Cosy Mystery Book 2) by Ripley Hayes

Rating: 4.5🌈

No Friends At Abergwyn is the second story in the Tudor and Stewart Cosy Mystery trilogy and it’s even better than the first.

Ripley Hayes dives into the background of the magical baker who lives in a field, Lorne Stewart. Peter Tudor, the nurse who’d left his A&E job in the city to come home to care for his disabled mother, has found himself at odds with his life in Abergwyn. While he’s fond of his hometown, his mother has ample support, a boyfriend, and no real need for him. And his skills aren’t being used in his current job. Only in his new relationship with Lorne can he be said to be happy. With questions.

Does Peter believe in magic?

Hayes builds a story strong on mysteries, full of questions both personal and those that involve the mystical. All threaded so neatly together that it feels completely natural.

With the ancient oaks, the sea, Enzo the horse and Charlie the dog, both of which seem perfectly capable of communicating with the humans they adore, and magic that makes itself a real presence. These are storylines that pull the reader in , through murders, through personal experiences, drama and joy!

The characters are sympathetic, easy to empathize with, interesting and layered.

The third book should be the most interesting in that it’s removed from Abergwyn. That was a character all it’s own.

Now onto the last one of the trilogy.

I’m highly recommending this and the one prior. Great characters and elements. I love a terrific cosy. Here you have two!

Loving those covers!

Note: don’t miss out on the recipes at the end!

Tudor and Stewart Cosy Mystery series:

✓ No Accident at Abergwyn #1

✓ No Friends at Abergwyn #2

◦ Murder Without Magic #

Buy Link:

No Friends at Abergwyn: Tudor and Stewart Cosy Mystery 2 (Tudor and Stewart Abergwyn Mysteries)


Lorne’s past has caught up with him in the shape of a mini-convoy of camper vans, and a mysterious book of his mother’s recipes. Which turns out to be magic. Of course it does.

Peter knows there is no such thing as magic, but he’s falling hard for Lorne and trying to keep an open mind.It’s harder to be open-minded abut the camper van people, who just sit around drinking tea and eating Lorne’s cakes. Then one of them turns up dead, and Lorne is arrested for the killing — by Peter’s schoolboy-crush-turned-policeman.

With his mother and Dave-next-door all loved-up, his old job calling him back, and tarot cards at every turn, the last thing Peter needs is a murder to investigate. But that’s life: what happens when you’d planned something else.

No Friends at Abergwyn is the second book in the Tudor and Stewart gay cozy mystery series from bestselling author Ripley Hayes.

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