Review: A Beginner’s Guide to Death, Demons, and Other Afterlife Disasters (Demonic Disasters and Afterlife Adventures #1) by Shannon Mae

Rating: 4🌈

Innocent mistakenly ends up in Hell, falls for a Demon, has his HEA.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s has become a popular theme lately, a new trope forming.

Shannon Mae (a new to me author) is the latest to tackle this idea and she does so very amusingly. Her book, A Beginner’s Guide to Death, Demons, and Other Afterlife Disasters, a suitably detailed title, has charming characters and a well crafted universe. It’s the first in her new series, Demonic Disasters and Afterlife Adventures, which features gods, goddesses, Heaven, levels of Hell, and Limbo which is the place to partay! We have bureaucrats on every level, hellish and heavenly. Turns out, as suspected, there’s not much difference.

Mae has crafted some very entertaining elements and a romance that’s a winner. There’s Adam, sent to Hell by mistake . And a very bored Minos, Judge of the Damned, whose unlife needs a shaking up and is about to get it.

This story is a fast, enjoyable read and I had so much fun with these characters.

I’m looking forward to a return when the next story is released.

Cute cover.

Demonic Disasters and Afterlife Adventures:

✓ A Beginner’s Guide to Death, Demons, and Other Afterlife Disasters #1

◦ A Beginner’s Guide to Mistakenly Summoned Demons and Other Misadventures #2 – TBR July 15,2023

Buy Link:

A Beginner’s Guide to Death, Demons, and Other Afterlife Disasters: An M/M Paranormal Romance (Demonic Disasters and Afterlife Adventures Book 1)


Adam is not having a good day. First, he finds out his very long time boyfriend has been having an affair. Then, his dramatic exit becomes a little too dramatic when he ends up dead. To top it off, he finds out that the afterlife isn’t at all what he expected (he has no desire to learn to play the harp, thank you very much). Fortunately for him, some afterlife bureaucratic screw up ends him up with the most smoking hot demon he’s ever seen, and he decides he’s keeping him. Maybe the afterlife won’t be so bad after all.

As Judge of the Damned, Minos has seen all sorts of human depravity over his endless existence. When a beautiful, shining soul pops into his chamber for judgment, he knows it’s a mistake. The human, however, seems quite content to hang around, and it isn’t long before Minos decides he just might decide to keep this one. Minos isn’t the optimistic or happy sort, but he can’t help but be caught up in the whirlwind that is Adam. When forces beyond his control want to return Adam to his designated afterlife, Minos decides that will not be happening, heaven and hell be damned.

Tags: A very grumpy demon meets his match in a snarky, sunshine-filled human; not all angels are nice; Limbo is the party place to be; the afterlife is run like a corporate office, complete with red tape, pointless memos, and high levels of frustration; Minos has a tail and knows how to use it.

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