Review: The Magic That Binds (Haelan Book 1) by A.J. Sherwood

Rating: 4.75🌈

The Magic That Binds is the first in a new series by A.J. Sherwood and it’s an excellent story. By the author’s own admission, it’s been a long time coming. A fact made clear by the detailed nature of the book’s world building and the way in which Sherwood slowly creates this incredible, intimate bond between three unusual, and extremely distinct individuals.

This bond, a threefold relationship that forms from wary friendships and tenuous business/political connections then strengthens through mutual attraction, deepening connections, mysterious events, and ultimately love.

Sherwood’s beautifully plotted tale of a poly romantic journey is founded upon a backdrop of intricate magical intrigue and political power struggles. We are given a prologue as a base for our world knowledge before we jump into the high drama and mysteries that will bring the three men together in a fascinating, satisfying romantic tale.

It’s starts with Dag Gates, rogue healer, on the run in Nova Scotia, a country only recently having found peace and stability under new rule. Dag, an orphaned boy, a powerful healer, and a bit of an enigma, might start off as a favorite character. He’s all damaged soul, PTSD, and yet so bright and caring. A great character. Yet the two men coming into his life shortly after are different, in looks, backgrounds, and power. And will slide into the reader’s heart as well. Maegan Stefan Bjorne, powerful mage, of a large loving theatrical family and possessing a heart wary of affection and commitment. Dark, strong and instantly drawn to Dag.

I felt their chemistry immediately.

Then came the bad boy or man. Businessman Mikkel Vinters, with two families, of which one is his chosen found family of a less lustrous reputation. Vinters so layered , his found family so fascinating , his mind so open to the possibilities both men represent to him and the future, that you are all in where he’s concerned.

With each perspective, we get to know intimately the way each man thinks and feels, about the others and the increasingly precarious situations they find themselves in .

I just couldn’t put this book down.

They grow together, Dag ‘s new stable life lets him start to settle down emotionally, and that impacts the others. I really don’t see how Sherwood missed out on the natural progression here with the men and their poly relationship. Even the sexual scenes, which have the added element of one man being a virgin, feel believable , sexy, and loving.

I’m thrilled that Sherwood isn’t done with these men and this universe. I honestly need more . The author teases us with fabulous glimpses of family life, personal history, and castle home life. But we know that there’s so much more happening.

And we want to be a part of it. And them. Whenever we may get it.

The Magic That Binds (Haelan Book 1) by A.J. Sherwood is a fabulous book and one I’m highly recommending!

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The Magic That Binds (Haelan Book 1)


All Dag Gates wants is a place to call home. (And to practice magic freely.)

All Stefan Bjorne wants is peace in his adoptive country. (And less paperwork.)

All Mikkel Vinters wants is both of them. (No, really, he could do wedding bells.)

So why, pray tell, is half the magical community set on denying them all their wishes?


Urban fantasy anyone?, slow burn, Mikkel is dying its so slow, pray for him, age gap, millionaire CEO is loose with no limits, cinnamon roll protection squad assemble!, polyamory at its best, Dag wants to eat all the things, all, magic, healing, childhood trauma, who’s chasing who is the question, Dag’s shy, Stefan’s a little insecure, thankfully Mikkel is neither, there is far too much food in this book, short but mighty, rules are established, Mikkel’s type in men is sexy and dangerous, it hasn’t killed him yet, accidental husband acquisition, magical bindings, shenanigans shall now commence

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