Review: Cosmic Cardio (Once Upon A Bite Book 2) by Charity Parkerson

Rating: 3.75 🌈

Charity Parkerson has written a darkly funny trio of sexy vampire romances. Short tales of life cut unexpectedly, savagely short for three young men who end up with their HEA, no, it’s a true forever ever after, unless they see the sunlight, as they each get a vampire forever after.

I really adored the first story, Little Pest. I thought the author was able to bring about so many layers to her characters, let us into what made the unusual relationship between a “little” vampire who needs to be loved and taken care of and a ancient vampire who’s been lonely and lost in bitterness. The Daddy kink is well done, the humor works, the plot just came together. All in Las Vegas.

Cosmic Cardio just doesn’t rise to the same levels. The comedy is missing, and I understand that, given the elements. But something similar was also in place in book 1, and Parkerson found a way to insert a humorous scene or two. Here it’s death, revenge, instant sex, and instant love/affection. All as a way to control a murderous teenage vampire on a rampage. A stepdad vampire as a revenge act. A overwhelmed single dad agreeing because he can’t control his teenager. Oh my.

Hmm. Nope, maybe if there had been a longer scenario, more time for the men to get together, lay out the plan to control angsty vampire teen with an attitude problem. The author has a huge comic relief element there and never explored it. That might taken this a more likable and interesting way.

Instead it’s all let’s have quick sex for the adults. Tiny exposition, and boom step vampire.

For me , it harder to care about any of them this way. Even Cosmo who we met briefly in Little Pest.

At the 75 percent level, Parkerson’s characters take a turn into realistic form. We see a believable sense of multi-dimensional interpersonal relationships, and a true understanding of family dynamics arrives. That remaining part of the book is perhaps its best . It’s certainly it most emotionally real and satisfying.

I liked it but didn’t adore it. Still a great cover.

Now onto Must be Clowning, book 3.

Clowns. I hate Clowns. Thank you, Dumbo, very much. But I’ll read it and hope that the humor , wit, and well rounded storytelling I found In Little Pest makes a return.

Until then, I’m recommending Once Upon A Bite series of quick paranormal vampire tales. Like romantic horror Bonbons, make a swift snack with them!

Once Upon A Bite:

✓ Little Pest #1

✓ Cosmic Cardio #2

◦ Must be Clowning Me #3 – May 8, 2023

Note: love these covers!

Buy Link:

Cosmic Cardio (Once Upon a Bite Book 2)


Cosmos feels like he’s just found himself. Then a young vamp rips everything away from him. Now he must get his revenge.

In his twenties, Cosmos fluttered around, doing every odd job imaginable. Only recently has he discovered his passion: fitness. He’s started his spin class, Cosmic Cardio, and—for the first time—everything in his life feels complete. Until one bite at a club ruins everything. Now, there’s only one thing Cosmos can do to reclaim his pride. He has to find the vampire who bit him and destroy his life.

When Vega’s ex left him with a teenaged son years ago, he thought being a single dad would be his biggest challenge. Then his son came home a vampire. Now his son won’t stop turning people against their will. When Cosmos shows up angry and bent on teaching his son a lesson, Vega is just fed up enough to let it happen. After all, it’s not like Cosmos plans to kill him. He simply intends to marry Vega and be the step-vampire from hell. Vega has already had one nightmare marriage. At least Cosmos intends to co-parent. What does he have to lose? Only maybe his heart. That’s nothing he hasn’t lost before.

Cosmic Cardio is the second book in Charity Parkerson’s Once Upon a Bite series. These books are meant to be short, fun paranormal romps to brighten your day.

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