Review: Kissed by the Krampus:(Monsters in my Bed Book 1) by L Eveland

Rating: 4.5🌈

Eveland is a new author for me so I did what I always do with new authors I enjoy. Read everything they’ve written. And I’m so happy that I did because I discovered Eveland’s Monsters in my Bed series.

A paranormal fantasy Monster series, it starts at its heart, a group of young soldiers, on duty on Christmas Eve in Afghanistan, heading from from base camp to another when their convoy hits IED’s buried in the road. Only 4 of them survive. The emotional and physical wounds are deep,brutal and for some, permanent. Survivor’s guilt, PTSD, depression and grief runs deep throughout the men. One loses both legs , another, the chaplain, his faith.

One of the themes explores the discussion of whose should be labeled a monster in this universe? Those generals and the military in this world exploiting both humans and nonhumans for power and control or is it the paranormal beings labeled Monster because of their appearance, languages, and abilities?

Each story take one veteran, all still carrying the pain and burden from that day’s trauma in different ways, and pairs them up with a Monster or nonhuman being .

In Kissed By The Krampus, the vet is one Chris Kringle. Angry, depressed, his PTSD overwhelming him to the point he can’t keep a job, and is alienating those closest to him, the three friends who survived with him. It’s Christmas Eve and they are checking up on Hotdog, the double amputee who’s become a hermit, never leaving his house.

That night Chris meets his monster. The Krampus his grandmother warns him will be about that night. But nothing turns out as you expect. The Krampus isn’t the mythical beast of scary stories but a lonely, sad being with a painful past history.

Together, after much mental and emotional sharing , they help each other understand the heart of their pain and how to cope with the burdens of their past.

It’s such a moving journey for both of them. Ollie, the Krampus, and Chris , the vet. Each a warrior in their right and each with a burden they must be able to lay down at the end.

Eveland has many more elements to this story that will carry over to the other books. Themes as well as actual storylines concerning big plot points.

There’s action, suspense, military subterfuge, and more. It’s a fast paced tale.

It’s also very sexy. The author’s very inventive when it come to the sexuality and organs of nonhumans.

And Eveland never forgets the warfare and brutality that starts the book and series, the explosions that forever changes these men’s lives . Its impact is realistically felt through all their actions, emotions, their dialogue, and in what they aren’t able to handle. It’s raw and real.

There are trigger warnings at the beginning of each book. Heed them because this novel is one you will get emotionally caught up in.

And it’s one I’m highly recommending.

One mistake the author made . Not sure why it wasn’t caught. This is , of course, the first in the series, so the author named Hotdog as Robert Jones in real life.

“ So everybody just kind of gets a nickname. Hotdog’s real name was Robert Jones, about as common a name as you can get, so we got to naming him real quick.”

Unfortunately, by the time his book arrives, he’s become Robert Smith. No explanation. Someone should have caught that.

Otherwise, outstanding storytelling. Great concepts, and I love these four men.

Run, don’t walk or slide or whatever, and grab the series up. More reviews will follow.

Monsters in my Bed series:

✓ Kissed by the Krampus #1

◦ Scales and Song #2

◦ Hearts and Halos #3

✓ Lassos and Lace #4

Buy Link:

Kissed by the Krampus: M/M Paranormal Fantasy Monster Romance (Monsters in my Bed Book 1)


Some wounds, only a monster can heal.

I’ve always hated Christmas. With a name like Chris Kringle, it’s hard not to.

It’s only gotten worse since I’ve been back from the war. Christmas is supposed to be jolly, but for me, it’s a grim reminder of past failures.

I need to get away from it. To be somewhere quiet. To heal.

When I wake up in the South Pole after an accident to a Krampus tending my wounds, it feels like the perfect opportunity to get some much-needed R&R.

Yet this gentle giant is so achingly sweet, I can’t help but fall for him, even though he’s a monster.

But another, more sinister monster may be lurking much closer to home, and if we don’t hunt it down in time, this could be the last Christmas ever.

Kissed by the Krampus is a holiday MM monster romance for adults featuring a cinnamon roll monster and a veteran grappling with his PTSD.

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