Review: Brimstone (a Culinary Creatures novella) by L. Eveland

Rating: 4.25🌈

L. Eveland was a new author for me when I stumbled across the covers for this series. Another example of never underestimating the power of great graphic cover design .

Then come the blurb. Food, high grade restaurant , cooking, and demon chef. Like that doesn’t confirm something I’ve suspected for years! I was definitely checking it out.

Human Chef Adam has worked and strived and cooked his entire life in order to achieve his dream of becoming a professional chef and working with the universally renowned restauranteur and chef, Chef Inzo Amoretti, owner of the famous 3 star Michelin restaurant, Brimstone.

Chef Inzo, an immortal incubus, hired the immensely talented human chef, Adam, when the passion Adam has for his profession and the meals he creates, ignited Chef Inzo Amoretti ‘s flagging energies and own passions .

But the the presence of Adam in Inzo’s restaurant reveals something far greater, and dangerous to them both.

Eveland has delivered a delicious, kinky paranormal romance. It’s awash with sensuality, threaded with the riches of the senses through foods, sauces, aroma, differing sexual desires and kinks. The author doesn’t fail the romance, powering up an equally fierce love for each other as well as all the high quality ingredients and sensational flavors .

Be prepared to drool over the preparation and recipes of the new dishes that have unexpected touches inspired by Adam and his demon Chef.

All the above combines into a mate bond tale of lusty romance and satisfying relationship, at least in that we have only a few questions left unanswered about their life spans together.

This story will happily continue into the next book, Beefcake. That will feature another couple and a wedding cake.

Can’t wait.

This is a definite recommendation!

Culinary Creatures:

Brimstone #1

Beefcake #2 – Dec 31, 2023

Buy Link:

Brimstone: A High Heat, Low Stakes MM Monster Romance Novella (Culinary Creatures Book 1)


One taste is never enough.

Becoming Brimstone’s head chef is a dream come true, even though I’m the only human on the staff.

Working for Chef Inzo Amoretti? Not so much. Sure, he’s a talented genius and distractingly gorgeous, but he’s also a demanding incubus with impossibly high standards, especially when it comes to me. It seems nothing I do in the kitchen is good enough for Chef Inzo.

Yet he’s so sinfully attractive, I can’t stop thinking about him, even when he’s shouting at me.

Falling for my boss is bad enough, but for an incubus? Is it worth putting my soul on the line for a little taste of heaven?

Brimstone is the first book in the Culinary Creatures series. Each novella in this series is a standalone MM monster romance that features high heat, low stakes, and a delicious recipe you can try at home!

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